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Is the slender man and slender sickness real?

I'm thirteen years old and i am really scared. I have been scared of slender man since last year but a few days ago i saw a picture of him and i think he is after me. I have had this feeling in the pit of my stomach ever since i saw the picture. Right now I feel sick to my stomach and my head feels hot like im nervous. If you know more about this then please help me out a bit

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    Dirac is a liar...

  • 'Slender Man' is completely and 100% fictional, I promise. If you are feeling sick at all I garantee you it is something else and not the 'Slender Sickness', so I hope you can find something to ease any pain you are feeling.

    Anyway you would have nothing to worry about even if he was real, I'm sure if you gave him a nice kick to the face he'd soon leave you alone :)

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    No, we don't other than it's fiction. However, take your temperature and tell your parents. We don't take the place of doctors or parents.

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