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Used a circular saw for about 30 seconds with no ear protection?

So I used a circular saw for about 30 seconds and to make just one cut I didn't have on ear protection I was in my garage with the door slightly open, I noticed that afterwards my ears were kinda ringing im wondering if I may have made a big mistake and damaged my hearing a bit?? Or is this just temporary?? I'll be sure not to make the same mistake again I just thought a quick cut wouldn't be that damaging but I'm a Do it yourselfer not used to using power tools and this was my second time using this circular saw, the first was outside in my backyard so I had no issue not using hearing protection... any thoughts advice on what I should do? 


Thanks for the responses! The ringing did go away withing an hour or so! I'll use protection next time!

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    Hearing loss due to excessive noise is dependent on many factors: noise intensity, frequency, duration of exposure, age, health issues...

    Using a table saw once for 30 seconds will probably not show up on the charts.

    Intensity damage can be from an explosion a few feet away like a hand-granade. It can be from exposure to jet engine noise, several times a week for over an hour each, over a four year period like in Military Service. Many Vets have hearing damage.

    You will be fine. Don't do that again.

    Wear ear protectors like the ear sponges you can buy at a drugstore or hardware store.

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    you are fine. I use a circular saw occasionally, perhaps once per month, never used ear protection. No problem.

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    2 months ago

    More than likely the damage is temporary.  It's kind of like a cigarette.  One cigarette will not kill you but 40 a day for 40 years will definitely kill you.  30 seconds without hearing protection will not make you deaf but 300 seconds a day for 30 years will make you deaf.

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