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why were so many people so excited about fighting in World War 1 when it was over such a stupid reason?

it was like a mass football game? except with deadly weapons they didnt anticipate like poisonous gas, etc?  how , again, they were ready for WW2? did the media drum up a lot of "us against them mentality" via newspapers and radio? how so? Germans, Krauts, Huns, Frogs, Dough Boys, and what were the British called? Panzees?

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    War has always been sold as a glorious enterprise. "When Johnnie Comes Marching Home Again" doesn't have a verse about coming back in a box, or missing arms, legs, or part of your face. Until recently, you didn't see the consequences of war until it was well along, but with TV and the internet, it's different. All you used to hear about was the "glory" of war, as if it was some clean little thing. But it has never been that.

  • Ludwig
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    It was most certainly NOT over a stupid reason.   The German High command had for some years seen a war of conquest in Europe as inevitable and desirable.  When they started it, they did so with a barbarous attack on the Belgian people which constituted warcrimes.

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    Wars are fought for territorial control by government leaders.  Wars are "sold" to the public by the same leaders in order to recruit soldiers to fight those wars.

  • Lisa A
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    They thought it was for a good cause, and that it would be over in 3 months.

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