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Genital warts?

Hi. I’m 19 and I was seeing this boy a Little while back. We started to get more intimate with each other. He told me he was clean and had just been tested so we didn’t need a condom no more. I was fine with that but now I know it’s stupid of me. We stopped seeing each other but a couple of weeks after that I noticed little bumps on my virgina. Thought not much of it as thought they would go. It’s been 3 months and they are still there. Now near the opening of my virgina is really red and hurts, especially when I pee. Around the hole and lips, it keeps tearing and bleeding. It really hurts. When I look up genital warts it says nothing about the virgina tearing so is this normal? How can I get it to go? Also every time I look it up it says about cervical cancer, so I’m worried. Is this a popular thing to get with genital warts? I have social anxiety so I’m really nervous about going to get it looked at. Can I get treatment online? Thanks

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    Trust me.  You do not have a Virginia.

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    Rarely do 19 year olds get cervical cancer. Genital warts don't hurt much, and it takes years for them to cause cervical cancer. However, it does seem like you need to see a doctor, especially as you're having pain.

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