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Transform from passive to active form of the verb and write your answer on the space provided. Please observe subject-verb agreement?


The instructions have been changed.

Someone has changed the instructions.

 She will have to be taught.


 The car was manufactured in Japan by Toyota.

 Toyota_________________this car in Japan.

 Why are not the exercises being finished on time?

 Why _______you________the exercises on time.

Last year, 2,000 new units had been produced by the time we introduced the new    design. 

We________________2000 new units by the time we introduced the new design last year.

Casual clothes must not be worn.

You___________casual clothes.

Four hundred thousand pesos in profit has been reported this year.

The company_____________P400,000 in profit this year.

The test will be given at five o’clock this afternoon.

The school__________the test at five o’clock this afternoon.

Students are required to wear uniforms at all times.

The school__________students to wear uniforms at all times.

This rumor must have been started by our competitors.

Our competitors__________________this rumor.

All work will have been completed by six o’clock tonight..

You______________all work by six o ‘clock tonight.

We were told to wait here.

Someone_____________us to wait here.

Lunch was being served when we arrived

They_____________lunch when we arrived.

Lectures are recorded and posted on the internet.

They____________and posted picture on the Internet.

Akeanon has always been spoken in this village.

People in this village______always_______Akeanon.

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