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Why are culling brumbies in Australia bad? ?

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    Love how people are banging on about "delicate" ecosystems...bit of a double standard considering how many ecosystems and species the human race has killed off. Maybe there should be a mass culling of humans. It's humans fault that they are there in the first place. It's our fault, not theirs. All they are doing is trying to survive. Why should they suffer?

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    4 months ago

    The Brumbies in Australia are like the Mustangs of the American west. They are FERAL animals and a real nuisance, plus they damage ecosystems and threaten native species. Australia has more or less the same problem that the US does with the Mustangs, but the difference between the two countries is that unlike America, Australia lacks the cultural taboo against the killing of horses for human and animal consumption. That's why they're rounding up these nuisance feral horses and sending them to slaughter. It is better than letting the animals starve or die from disease or predation.

    Don't get me wrong here. I love horses and have owned them since I was a teenager. I also worked professionally in the sport horse industry for over a quarter century. But I also understand what a threat feral horses pose to fragile ecosystems and to native species, whether here in the US or in Australia. Most of the conservation groups here in the States view Mustangs as a nuisance and want to see them eliminated, or at the very least, have their populations reduced to an absolute minimum so as to protect the fragile lands out west. Mustangs DO POSE a threat to native species, particularly to ground nesting birds like the Sage Grouse, which is critically endangered. Overgrazing has become a huge problem as well. It leads to erosion, and it means that there often is not enough food to go around during winter, which in turn puts the horses at risk of starvation and disease as well as from predation and exposure to the cold and storms. Overgrazing also robs other animals of their food supply, such as elk, Bighorn sheep, bison, antelope, and deer. Horses compete with other animals for living space, too. And since the natural predators which would normally prey on the wild horses have been largely eliminated, the horses' population has exploded. What has happened with these animals is a good illustration of human stupidity and greed. Americans CREATED the problems with the Mustangs, and are now facing the consequences of their ill-considered actions.

    Many of the things I've mentioned here are also true in Australia. The Brumbies aren't a native species there, anymore than the Mustangs are here. Ranchers hate them, and will shoot them if they wander onto private land. The Brumbies also carry and spread diseases, including rabies, to domestic stock.

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    4 months ago

    Anyone who really, REALLY cares about saving all the beautiful brumbies is free to invent a plan for establishing the Almost-Royal* Australian Brumby Preserve somewhere in the middle of nowhere. Australia has a lot of "nowhere" land you could try to claim. You would need to fence it off completely, and provide for gathering ALL the brumbies, relocating them, and supporting them in perpetuity. Your immense amount of personal wealth would be entirely dedicated to the project and its ongoing and ever-increasing expenses. 

    Success? I doubt it. You're probably not as wealthy as you would need to be. 

    I seem to remember that there was once a problem with rabbits. Did anyone ever try saving all those cute bunnies?

    * (Almost-Royal: We're borrowing the Queen without her permission.)

  • 4 months ago

    Brumbies in Australia are beautiful animals but they are also a feral pest that have only been in this environment for about 150 years. During that time the have damaged fragile ecosystems which has led to plant and animal extinctions.

    There are currently species so threatened by this damage that if these pest animals are not removed from our National Parks (Wildlife reserves) these species will disapear forever.

    There is no threat to the rxistance of the Australian Brumby as a breed.

    If there was another way to keep them out of these fragile environmemts, it would be great.

    Many have already been captured and no one wants them. Homes cannot be found for them. Most of them will end up at the knakers.

    Culling them in the National Parks saves them from the stress of transport when they will end up dead anyway.

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  • PR
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    4 months ago

    Maybe, because horses are considered noble and beautiful. I see that the Brumby is a beautiful horse. Horses have long served humans, pulling carts, carriages, helping plow fields, carrying people when no other transportation was available, being used for fun and show purposes, and more. All that those horses ask is a share of food, and some shelter. 

    Unless you love horses, you may not understand. But, horses have long helped us, so this is likely why it is considered a negative thing. In addition to that, the horses were considered to come from long ago breeds in your country.

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