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I dont know too much about boxing, is Tyson Fury is he the best?

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    There are 17 different weight classes and Tyson Fury competes in just one of them, +201lbs.

    When looking at the best boxer in the world regardless of the weight class, you look to the P4P list though the issue with that is heavyweights are usually excluded from the P4P rankings.

    Vasyl Lomachenko, Saul Alvarez or Terence Crawford is #1 P4P at the moment, who is placed where depends on whom you ask but as you can see, Tyson Fury's name isn't on the consideration list.   

    However, in the heavyweight division only, Tyson Fury is indeed number 1 in the world.  Some say it is Anthony Joshua and others say they need to fight to decide but I've already decided that Fury is the best given that he has held every world title belt and also the lineal title, has never lost a professional bout and I believe he would beat Joshua fairly comfortably.

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    At the moment, I think it would be fair to say Fury is the best heavyweight in the world. Although we won't be able to say that definitively until he fights Joshua, who holds the WBA,WBO and IBF titles. But personally, I think he will beat Joshua.

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    I thought Fury had the possibility to be champ, but also that he never seemed to make an effort to have a plan.  Not until he fought Wilder did he really show he has some boxing skills. After his 1st Wilder fight I had a of certainty that Fury would beat Wilder.   Also, we can now be sure that Wilder never was a great fighter,  Fury proved that.  If there is a 3rd Fury/Wilder fight, I see Fury winning early; ie, 5th or 6th round by pressuring Wilder from the start of round 1.

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    Hell naw lol not at all

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  • Adam
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    To me he is the best heavyweight. He's undefeated, he's beat 2 top level fighters in Wladimir Klitschko and Deonte Wilder. He is a hell of a boxer. To go to Germany and Comprehensively outbox Wladimir Klitchko and get the decision takes a hell of a fighter. Some will argue Joshua, but his loss to Ruiz, despite winning the rematch puts him in 2nd for me. Also when they fight, i reckon Fury wins on points.

    In terms of pound for pound, it's Canalo Alvarez.The problem with boxing is by having 4 titles in each weight class, unless a champion has unified all the belts it's down to opinion. Also the organisations are so corrupt its unbelievable

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    6 months ago

    Tyson Fury is the gay lovechild of Mike Tyson and Nick Fury. 

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