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Can I get a positive 12 days before expected period?

I took a pregnancy test tonight and it came back positive, I took 3 more in a row cause I didn’t believe it and same thing, all positive.

I don’t understand how its detecting hcg in my urine 12 days before my period? I thought it can only detect 8 days before. 

My last period started on June 26, ended on June 30. My next period is supposed to start July 30..


I took a pregnancy test this morning when I woke up with a first response and it was negative. So I am not pregnant, I took 5 last night and was all positive but must have been a bad batch and gave me all false positives. Disappointing a bit but that's okay. 

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    The ONLY explanation that I can offer is that you didn't actually have a period at the end of June and instead that was just some breakthrough bleeding that happened at the start of a pregnancy.  So, at the point when you would usually have a period, you had some bleeding even though a pregnancy was starting.  That would mean you are about six to seven weeks pregnant right now and it has been four to five weeks since conception happened.  (the weeks of pregnancy start from the first day of your last period but conception actually happens about two weeks after that for women who have a 28 to 30 day cycle)

    Some women claim that they continued to have periods even though they were pregnant.  

    Try a different brand of test and if you get another positive result, contact your doctor.

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    That test looks negative to me. All I see is a control line and a blank indentation.

    Anyway, there's no urine test in the world that can detect a pregnancy that early. A blood test wouldn't catch it either. If you had already been pregnant before your last period, you'd have two bold lines.

    You could still turn out to be pregnant later, bit there is no way to find that out now.

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