What's been your Match of the Season?

Blackburn 4 Reading 3 (July 18)

3-1 up they come back to 3-3 then an 87th min winner.

At Ewood aswell (F*cking Covid I would of been there. Nevermind)

They have been pissing me off lately, but a result like that restores your faith.

I've been divorced but I'm stuck with this lot for Life.

Saved the best for last.

I know season not quite over(It is for me) sorry for being a bit previous

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  • Adam
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    6 months ago
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    I'm a Gateshead fan and aside from the odd Northern League game, not watched much football other than Gateshead. Only missed 3 games home and away last season, so all choices are Gateshead related

    Best match for the actual football

    Boston 0 Gateshead 3 on Tuesday 23rd February

    Being honest, wasn't expecting a lot from this game. Boston were flying, we were doing OK but not brilliant. Left Gateshead with a car full at 1:30. Made it to Boston for 5:30pm. Nice drive down, ran into the heed players in a service station which was canny. 15-20 of the heed faithful made the trip. The ground is old and falling apart but it has character. We started well and played the best football we had all season. We were superb. Left that ground bouncing. Got home 4am after road closures and dropping someone off in North Yorkshire. Hell of a performance and a day out

    Best match for the day out

    Kidderminster 1 Gateshead 1

    This is my favourite away day of the season, but the football even for our level was terrible. Left Gateshead at 1, 4 of us in my little Corsa. Thanks to road works, we didn't get to the ground till half 6, no stop on the way down. Thankfully all of us were starving. Kidderminster really do the best pies in football. Paid £5 for a cheese and onion pie, honestly, i underpaid it was that good. 

    There was more staff than fans in our section. By the time of kick off, there was only 8 of us. 10 staff in the away section (3 barman, 2 selling food, 3 stewards, 2 ticket guys). We had a right laugh. The football was terrible. We were crap, they were just as bad. However the banter was going. Their fans sang to us "You're going home in a taxi" We responded "are you paying"..

    Staff gave us a few pies for the journey home. Laughing all the way back. Most enjoyable away trip

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