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HORSE RACING: Trivia # 11 - Can you Answer this Question?

 In Dr. Fager's world record mile, name the horse in the field who once held the world record for the mile and name the horse in the field who set the fastest fractions in the history of the Kentucky Derby?


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Hedevar and Kentucky Sherry

Sandra S.:) and Zephania666 tie for BEST ANSWER!

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    My answer is Hedevar & Kentucky Sherry! Not sure if Hedevar is spelled correctly. Very interesting! Good Question!

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    HEDEVER is the answer  -  also the in the fastest time, using Tracker Timer, most reliable source for times.    Look out for  line of this prodgony  -  EVEREVER  and  HEDID.   They will need a run first, then get  "ON".    Good luck.

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    Hedevar was the previous record holder.

    Kentucky Sherry was the Kentucky Derby best fractions horse.

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