Nikon D3000 this battery cannot be used. choose battery designated for use in this camera. i have original Nikon battery. ?

i on the it after 1year. although its battery is original but message shows as described above. 

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  • keerok
    Lv 7
    2 months ago

    It's an old camera and there's a high chance it's an equally old battery. Sadly, batteries don't last as long as the camera. You will need to replace that one soon.

    Make sure the contacts on the battery and the battery compartment are clean. You can use an pencil eraser to clean the battery's contacts. For the compartment, use a lens blower. If the contacts inside are corroded, you will have to bring the camera to a service center for cleaning (or you can use a small flat screwdriver to scratch the rust off and risk breaking the camera altogether).

    You can try this hack. With the battery out, from your mouth, exhale to the battery compartment. Immediately put the battery in. It may take more than a couple of tries to make it work.

    Buy replacement batteries only from a reputable store. Chances are, you won't find original brand new anymore. From experience, the brand Wasabi is more than decent as replacement.

  • Anonymous
    2 months ago

    Even if a battery is branded Nikon, it may not work because Nikon designed new batteries and added a computer chip to identify them to the camera. If the battery is older and does not have the chip then the camera won't run.  You do not have to buy Nikon branded batteries. You can buy a 3rd party battery as long as it has a similar chip in them. Just make sure the battery you buy is intended for use with the model camera you own, in this case the D3000. For this camera, the Nikon battery is EL-9. There are independent battery makers who make EL-9 compatible batteries for Nikon cameras and these batteries have over a thousand reviewers, most of them wrote positive reviews, on Amazon. They come with 2 batteries and a battery charger for half the price of a single Nikon battery without a charger.

  • Sumi
    Lv 7
    2 months ago

    If the battery is a Nikon branded battery and you're still getting this message, then the most likely problem is that the battery is damaged.  Nikon installs electronics in their batteries and cameras that allow the camera to determine if the battery in the camera is a Nikon branded battery.  If it detects that the battery isn't a Nikon battery, then the camera will not work.  It's also possible for this system to fail and produce a false negative.  Since the battery is the weakest link, it's likely that it's failed.

    Take the camera to a local camera shop and test one of their batteries.  If you still get the same error message, then you know that the camera is faulty.

  • 2 months ago

    I would check for dirty / oxidised / corroded contacts 

    on the battery and in the camera. 


    It is possible that a connection inside the battery failed. 

    Replacing the battery would be the only remedy.   


    Likewise, a connection in the camera might have failed. 

    That should be repairable, but if the camera is out of warranty 

    it could cost $100 to $200 to have it done. 


    Other failures could occur that might be very expensive to correct. 

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