This lady told me to get in the car what was she gonna do to me?

I was walking home from school about 7pm while walking I heard hey cutie outloud then while walking to my nieborghood she was parked waiting for me as I walk by she waved at me I wave back she said you live here I said I’m going to my friends house she said you need a ride I said no I’m good kept walking while she was driving she was staring at me to what would had happen if I got in would I still be here?

2 Answers

  • 4 months ago

    You'd only know the answer to that if you would've gotten in. Good thing you didn't. Stay away from her and call 911 if you ever see her stalking you again. 

  • 4 months ago

    Well done you.  NEVER get into cars with strangers. Women don't normally do this sort of thing so perhaps she was being used or coerced by someone else to entice you into the car. Where would you have then been taken? If not genuinely to your home, would other people then become involved in your 'kidnap'? Who knows?  VERY wise of you.  I think perhaps you should report this to the police.  For all you know, this might not be the first time this has happened locally outside school.  Don't keep it to yourself.  Tell your parents.  

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