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Question about eastern florida & maps?

When looking at a map, starting around port st lucie and headed north the map seems to suggest a road in the ocean. Its labled as ATA but I don't know what that means. Is that just a long road close to the water but not over it?,+FL...


Yeah it must be A1A. It did not make sense to build over the water.

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  • Jerry
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    A1A between Flagler Beach (Hwy 100) the St. Augustine area (Hwy 312 or all the way on A1A until it joins with US1 in Historic Old Town. Most other stretches of A1A are mostly condo canyons. This stretch has lots of park land, long stretches where you can actually see beach and ocean from your car instead of just buildings. 

  • Joseph
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    There is a string of barrier islands along both east and west coasts of Florida.  These islands tend to be long but narrow, sometimes with only a couple of hundred feet between the ocean and Intracoastal Waterway.  

    Florida Route A1A is the main road on these barrier islands on the east coast and provides access to the beaches and neighborhoods on the islands.  The famous Collins Avenue in Miami Beach is actually part of A1A.  While there are bridges and causeways that connect some of these islands together, A1A is not a continuous. There are some gaps, where travelers will have to cross over to the mainland and than back to the next barrier island.  One of these gaps is the entrance to Port Everglades in Fort Lauderdale; another gap is at Cape Canaveral Air Force Station and Kennedy Space Center.  

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    It's A1A and it's not a totally continuously road; there are some gaps.  It runs near the coast, mostly on islands, some of which are narrow enough that you might not see the land on a map, so it might look like it's in the water.  It also has bridges or causeways where it jumps from one piece of land to another, so it is over water in those areas.

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    It is the equivalent of business route US 1, the original main highway running north to south along the east side of Florida.  US 1 goes a long way north.

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    It's probably A1A. Yes. It runs right along the coast. As I recall anyway. 

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