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am I a weeaboo/weeb for wanting to go to Japan and getting a Japanese boyfriend?

I'm Asian, but not Japanese. I love Japanese culture, anime, and language. I feel like Japanese is the most beautiful language in my opinion. I feel like I am a weeaboo for liking these things and wanting a boyfriend to speak my favorite language with. He would most likely be Japanese id assume, if I want a guy who speaks Japanese. Im not saying those are my only standards. They're not, but I would really like it. Japan seems like a dreamland even though I KNOW its not lol

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    I agree with the Never-Again poster. You sound like a dreamer who doesnt have both feet firmly planted on the ground. Its good that you want to come here to Japan and if that motivates you to do something with your life thats great!..but I will tell you that you will be disappointed by a lot of things and in some cases shocked that things here didnt match you image. 

  • Dave
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    5 months ago

    Why not?  I'd marry a Japanese girl, if she were right for me.

  • 6 months ago

    I won't go into labels. But you certainly appear to be a dreamer, with no real understanding of Japan, and just pursuing your image of the place. Japan is a nice place - I lived there over a decade, and just like everywhere else, it has its good and its bad. The real Japan is way, way deeper than pop culture, anime, etc.

    Is it possible to live in Japan and find a Japanese boyfriend? Certainly. But if it is to mean anything, you need to ask what you want to get out of it, and what the other person wants to get out of it. So you want a relationship so you can practice speaking Japanese? That won't get you very far. I've met countless young ladies in Japan who wanted me to be their practice English tool. Let's just say they are easy to spot, and there is no happy future in such trivialities.

    Try reversing the situation and see how it feels for you. Someone wants to go to your country and start a relationship with you to practice their English and they just love, love, love Disney. Would that make you feel special and wanted?

    I am not saying that Japan isn't right for you, nor that it is. But if it is, you will need much more than that to make it a long term positive thing. You can certainly travel there one day, though just tourism is just barely scraping the surface.

    There are many aspects to Japan - I suggest you explore more and study its history. You should then get a better idea of it really is for you.

    Good luck.

  • Quinn
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    6 months ago

    A weeaboo/weeb is someone who likes or is obsessed with certain aspects of Japanese,  but turns a blind eye to the less pleasant reality of life in Japan.  All countries have their good and bad sides, and Japan is no different.

    You say you have other standards and that is good. But are you truly looking at Japanese culture with a realistic open mind? I like Japan. I've lived there and visited many times over the last 40 years. I think it is pretty great, but that is only one half of the picture.  The other half is that Japan has never been and in many respect still is not a nation of immigrants. It does take a long time for people to warm up to a foreigner. I'm not saying you can't make friends and good ones at that, but it won't  happen once you step off the airplane.

    As for getting a Japanese boyfriend, that would depend on you and the boy, and whether you understand that human relationship is complex and it is not just about you wanting someone, but whether that someone wants you. And that means your character and personality as well as his must somehow appeal to each other. While you have your requirements, he has his, too.  Can you find a Japanese boyfriend? It's possible. Can you find one who is a good match and will treat you right? There is no certainty.

    Go and visit Japan. Tour the country and see and experience the real Japan and not just the one in your head. Get a real taste of the country. And if it still fascinates you, do it some more. Nothing is wrong with that. And if after a good many real world experiences, you still want to live in the Japan then you will be doing so with realistic expectations and not from fantasy.

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  • 6 months ago

    You can't just "pick up" a boyfriend in another country. Relationships arent that simple. You could try to move there and start a new life but people most likely wont just be picked up.

    Your question Rocks!

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  • hihi!
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    6 months ago

    Go with your emotions!! I was a Soviet-phile since a 1987 visit to Vienna. SURROUNDED by communism, I questioned Reagan's "evil empire'. I got a pen-pal, visited Russia a few times, 5 years later, I marry a Russian- my pen pal. I sit in Russia currently; away from USA's gunfire, hate, racism, COVID-19.20.1 and like living in Russia. So go with your heart. Find a Japanese that likes your idea. Meet him, if it gels, it gels. If not, try more. If you get "over" Japan, you lost nothing but learned a lot and saw and did more than many people get to. IT IS YOUR LIFE.

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