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What factors make Canada remain dependent on having our Queen reign over Canada?

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    This is NOTHING to do with the Travel section.

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    The main fact is the old adage "if it isn't broke then do not fix it" and basically the type of government we have is more stable, more cost effective and more durable than other forms of Democracy currently available or in a Republic like the US.  Currently the cost per person for a US style government is significantly higher than the type we have here in Canada.  I have never understood why people (trolls and Trump supporters excluded since they have no particular mental function) would want to pay for a government that provides less to it's citizens.

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    The fact we want it that way.

    The French call their government The Fifth Republic.

    Somalia basically has no government.

    Russia has Putin.

    North Korea has that weird looking guy that wants to nuke The Dixie Chicks.

    The USA has that weird looking guy that wants to do The Dixie Chicks.

    We got ours right the first time.

    No revolution, no slavery, no civil unrest for the most part... look at any 'best country for...' list and Canada usually is in the top five.

    "Canada ranks as the second best country globally, according to the 2020 Best Countries report. Canada climbed one spot from 2019"

    "Canada is home to some of the world's top universities. In fact, 30 Canadian institutions are counted among the best in the world"

    etc etc.    

    If it isn't broken, why fix it.

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    Not a travel related question. 

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  • 2 months ago

    canada is an independent country. the queen has little infulence.

  • 2 months ago

    We like it that way.

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    You mean our Queen, the Queen of Canada?  Well, she is a Canadian citizen, she works for free, and does a good job.  Why would we want to change that?  Oh yes, she is Queen of a few other places as well, but, that's no big deal in Canada; many here have more than one job.

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    AnnonieTroll fail.              

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    2 months ago

    They are not. The Queen is only a figurehead. They could cut the ties, if there was the desire to do so.

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