How do I handle what I’m feeling?

Me and my boyfriend have been together for over a year now and have gone through a lot In that time together. Lately we have been arguing a lot because my mental health has not been okay. I’ve been having a lot of anxiety and have noticed he is great at calming me down so he has promised to always be there for me. But I feel like he isn’t living up to his promises and taking care of me the way I need. As much as I want to ve strong and independent who doesn’t need a man, this man brings me a lot of comfort that I haven’t been able to find in anyone else. But he has lately been saying he is bothered by my needs, calling it an inconvenience, and going as far as saying he wants me happy but doesn’t think it’s worth the trouble. He always apologizes after I point out how much of an asshole is. But it keeps occurring  so I’m confused as to what to believe. One of my guy friends lately has been extremely comforting through text and with all the arguing I have even had little daydreams of becoming more. Im so confused and I just know that I love my boyfriend but he makes me question his love and my worth to him. I love my boyfriend but I wish he were different. I love the guy but I wish he was more like the guy friend. I don’t know what to do. I always talk it out and we come to a bunch of promises from his end but no real change. I guess I don’t really know when to give up. Should I? 

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