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Are living conditions immaculate, for those who live in mansions?

Do the occupants of a mansion usually make sure that the lawn is well manicured?

Are these people OCD with their cleaning rituals? Meaning , not a dirty dish in the sink ?  Not a speck of dust?

Is it possible for a mansion to have pest problems, such as rodents , roaches or bedbugs?

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    There is no connection between mansions and cleanliness. It just means that the owner either had enough money to buy a manion or they inherited it.  Some people have the money to run that kind of house like you imagine AND want it that way.  It is very expensive to maintain a large house and grounds. Others are too cash poor but would if they could.  At the other end of the spectrum there are many very wealthy people who take a strange pleasure in decay and disorder.  It's an aristocratic/old money thing.  You'd be horrified if you knew how some of these people live.  Have a read about the late Miriam Rothschild's home in Norfolk sometime.  Her niece writes about having to shake mouse droppings off everything, sometimes including the breakfast buffet, and yet she still had regular, equally scatty house guests.  Or read accounts of the Buckingam Palace kitchens and the perpetual vermine problem.  Btw, the British royal family are infamous for hardly putting the heating on in the winter because they "don't feel the cold."

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    people can be pigs no matter their wealth I find it really funny that the people that think their poo doesnt stink are ususally living in a very dirty home

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    Most that can afford mansions hire a large support staff. 

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    Funny story i worked for a wealthy hard working dr team.

    All these drs had multiple births.

    Their pilot, lawyer, chef husbands worked 80 plus hours a week.

    Houses were huge. They were messsy people because always on the go

    If they paid the garden, housekeeper, nanny, personal assistant their houses were beautiful and clean...but rarely did they clean...

    Their house reminded me of how i use a hotel...just come go. They harrdly have time to enjoy the house and kids

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    Some are OCD and some are not. 

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    Yes and no. Yes. No. OK. No. Yes. Hope this helped with your OCD question.

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