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The meds we pay exorbitant prices for are gotten for 1/100th the cost in other countries. Why not do EXACTLY like we do for cars, electron-?

nics, really CRAPPY (but tested safe) food products, etc? 

- Test them and let Walmart import them at those super-everyday-low-prices and sell them cheap? 

- WHY are SAFE DRUGS any different than cars or food or electronics that MUST PASS RIGOROUS SAFETY TESTS before they can be imported?

- Americans live overseas for years and REGULARLY take those exact, same drugs; they come back to the US in perfect health as often as those who lived here the whole time and took drugs approved here. 

- So...Other than very powerful **DRUG COMPANIES** keeping us paying outlandish prices, why are we paying outlandishly high prices for the SAME GODDDAMMED THINGS???!!!!!!!

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    Very little drugs that the drug companies put out are anything close to safe!

    The drug companies are even known for coming up with a drug, no good use for it; so they make-up a fake heath condition and pay law breaking doctors to falsely label people with the drug and prescribe it!

    And drugs that do work are usually people are very Over Charged for them! 

    One time a med I was one cost just $5.  The next time it was $100!  This is a big  jump in one month! Why? Since it has so little sever side effects, the drug companies claimed it could be also used for ____.  Yet it did not help those people, just the drug companies wallets! 

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    1st reason: profit! 

    2nd reason: evolution - if you are not able to pay its better to get killed that the gene pool stays clean.

    Pharma meds are commonly useless. Use alternative medicine and you will even get a better result.

    American philosophy is scary! I am sure they had nuked every country if they had not the a bomb to kill back

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    6 months ago

    Exorbitant Rx prices are not due to manufacturing costs. Bulk chemicals for drug manufacture already comes from overseas. It's the greedy pharmaceutical companies & blood-sucking health insurers who are to blame.


    Pharmacies make contract deals with suppliers, agreeing to purchase certain drugs for a pre-arranged price (it's known as a "formulary") and those drugs are given preference. Health insurers are aware of those contracts and set their reimbursement rates accordingly. So when a patient fills a Rx that's not on the formulary, the price will be way higher - it's really a *penalty*.

    The whole supply/demand thing is a secretive, complex, hand-in-glove setup perpetrated by those corporations. And the ones who ultimately pay for it are the consumers.

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    Because then big Pharma wouldn't be able to make those obscene profits anymore. And come on, after all they've spent buying politicians to make sure they can?

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  • 6 months ago

    Because in the U.S. approval by the FDA comes with a guaranteed monopoly for a number of years.  That includes blocking importation of generic equivalents.

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    You could get them cheap by having the government step in and force low prices, but the new drugs cost billions to invent. Someone has to pay that bill or there will be no new drugs to get cheap. Your welcome to invent one yourself and give it away.

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