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Help with my kitten who's not eating or drinking ?

I got a kitten yesterday and she is not drinking or eating I've had her since 3 pm yesterday and have not seen her eat or drink anything since she's been here she's only 3 months old does anyone know what it could be or anything I could do to help her eat or drink she is starting to play a little bit just refuses to eat or drink

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  • Maxi
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    4 months ago

    Any young new  animal should be taken to the vet for a health check up within a couple of days of getting them........ and a young animal of this age with such an issue needs takig down to the vet immediately as it will die without fluid.......

  • PR
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    4 months ago

    You don't really say how long this has been? Is it five hours, 8 hours, 10 hours?

    A kitten of this age should typically eat about 3 times per day. It is always best to ask what food she was getting at her previous home. Give her that if at all possible.

    If you don't know what she was getting, go to Walmart or Meijer and get some 9-Lives canned food and offer that, for now. 

    Some guidelines to follow:

    -Feed 3 times per day

    -Feed a mix of canned/dry/water - never feed dry-only or she will get constipated.

    -Possibly add just a bit of kitten formula to the mix.

    -NEVER give cow's milk or she will likely get diarrhea. Only use this if she is obviously constipated.

    -Diarrhea means she is sick and NEEDS to go to the vet.

    -Consider parasites if she has diarrhea (common in kittens), and means vet visit.

    -She may be lonesome and misses her siblings.

    As you can see, there are lots of reasons she may not be eating, but the most important thing is that a KITTEN MUST EAT. If she has not eaten for perhaps 24 hours, she NEEDS TO GO TO THE VET. 

    Any time a cat or kitten does not eat, or acts too quiet, or just does not act like themselves means they are sick and need to see the vet. This means ANY OF THESE. That is the "Cat Rule" which you will need to pay attention to for any time you have the kitten or adult cat.

    She should also be kept in a small room such as a bathroom (with litter, water, bed, etc.) for a few days until she is more used to her new life. The whole new house could be quite scary, and a new kitten needs a small area with less scary things that might come jumping out at him or her. This makes them feel more secure. 

    Sometimes, owners of the kittens say they are older than they actually are. Check the age at the vet, and they can tell by the teeth.

    Take kitten to the vet.

  • susan
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    4 months ago

    You should let a vet check her over. she could have been taken away from her mother too soon or she is ill. it is not normal.

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