Would you consider this abuse?

Me and my boyfriend got into an argument yesterday and I brought up how he has physically hurt me. He got angry and said “I’m not an abuser, I never hurt you. Did I punch you? Kick you?” I told him that it is still abuse if it is hurting me and leaving me bruised up. One time during an argument, he knocked over my stuff and started to storm off but I grabbed his arm and he shoved me so hard I fell back onto the floor and when I got up he grabbed my arm so hard and threw me on the floor. The next day my entire right arm was bruised up and down. I had to tell coworkers and family that I must’ve hit it on something but I knew it was him. Previously he has left bruises on my arms from grabbing and throwing me so hard but not as noticeable. His mother knows because I have told her and she defended him saying “you shouldn’t have tried touching him when he is angry. You should just let him leave and you wouldn’t get hurt” she excuses his angry and physical reactions. But i still find myself wondering if maybe I am wrong. Maybe it is my fault those times for making him angry and its my fault for getting too close.

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  • 6 months ago

    personally I think if he’s harming you at all then it’s abuse. There is no excuse for that sort of behaviour, I really think you should get out of that relationship...and remember you’re not the one in the wrong, doesn’t matter what you’ve said to him during arguments, it doesn’t matter if you made him angry, it doesn’t matter if you were too close to him. He shouldn’t be hurting you! you shouldn’t be being treated like this, you’re worth more than that. It’s up to you to decide what to do now but I advise leaving him

  • 6 months ago

    Ask yourself why you're with someone who thinks it's ok to physically harm you.  

    It's HIS fault, not yours.  You don't seem to have much sense.

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    6 months ago

    It is physical and mental abuse and he needs to see his doctor about anger management but you would be better moving on as he wont change, is that the sort of life you want? What excuse will you give your friends when he does it again?

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