Ballet dancers: Are you allowed to wear colourful ballet shoes? (Not whatever your skin tone is, but other colours)?

I was just curious whether ballet shoes come in blues and yellows and reds and purples etc. etc. etc.

I write a ballet dancer character, and while looking up details for my writing, I have noticed that leotards come in many colours but I can't see many coloured ballet shoes. Obviously, there are traditional colours for leos and slippers, but yet there are definitely colourful leos available to buy, so is this the same with the shoes? I searched especially for coloured ballet slippers, and I noticed a few colourful shoes, but would your ballet teachers allow colourful shoes in class? or are there some costumes for shows with colours? Also, would these be self-dyed or are they available to buy?

I can't believe it's taken me so long to notice this, as I have been writing this character since 2014 and have had many many research sessions.

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  • 6 months ago
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    Standard ballet attire for girls in a serious ballet school would be  “ballet pink” tights and “ballet pink” slippers.  Recently dancers of color have been allowed to wear darker shades of tights and slippers  that match their skin tones closer. Many schools color code the levels by using different leotard colors. If they don’t, black leotard is traditional in either a cami or tank style.  Boys wear black or white ballet slippers in class. They also wear a white tee shirt and black tights or ballet shorts.  Color ballet slippers are for stage only. They are usually dyed  by the costume person. This is true for both slippers and pointe shoes. There are some that do come in colors but the fit of the shoe is so exact that it isn’t usually an option as most of the better shoe makers don’t offer colors. 

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