Need help with nurse for autistic Child ?

My cousin works full time and needs a nurse to take care of his autistic child, but he says that his insurance doesn't cover it & he doesn't qualify for it bc he makes too much money. I need any info or programs that can help him. He is raising this child alone & the mother chooses not to help please help with any info 

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  • 2 months ago

    Autistic children generally do not need nursing care, but special education. With a feeding tube, there's something else going on here. Home health aides may be qualified to handle the feeding tube business, and that is far less expensive than a nurse. Furthermore, if the father works outside the home, it's a matter of scheduling some of those feedings for when the father is home, and limit hours an aide is required. 

    Also, with skyrocketing rates of people telecommuting, working from home, is it possible for the father to work from home? That way he limits or eliminates needs for assistance such as an aide.

    There are various organizations (varies from place to place, e.g. state to state) which can provide more detailed info on resources, advice on what this specific child really needs. Child's doctor should provide more details on specifics of what child actually needs, and perhaps referrals to organizations, community services which might be appropriate. But if he has a decent income, he pays for aide, etc. Of course, once child is back in school or in a daycare-type program for disabled children, child's needs will change. 

  • Kate
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    2 months ago

    Which country are you talking about? Australia has a NDIS (National Disability Insurance Scheme) which helps arrange and pay for special needs Carers, equipment etc. If the child s of school age we also have "Special Schools" with highly trained teachers and carers.

  • Anonymous
    2 months ago

    First thing your cousin needs to do is call around or go online and sign his child up for services with the state's Division of Developmental Disabilities . He needs to specifically ask about Respite services, as well as what other support services may be available. If his insurance won't cover the costs, he should sign his daughter up for Medicaid.

    Another thing your cousin should also do is check with the school that the child attends and see what services the district offers to special needs, medically fragile children. And he can call or organizations like Autism Speaks, the Autism Society (they have chapters in all 50 states, in DC, and in Puerto Rico and the Virgin Islands)  and ask for a referral to support services.

    Source(s): I work for the agency which serves people with ID/DD in my state.
  • 2 months ago

    The child is 7-8 & yes she does have a feeding tube. She is scheduled to eat every 3hrs from 9am-9pm

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  • 2 months ago

    if parental income is too high, child would not qualify for medicaid unless there is a special state waiver program for a home health aid.  i assume the school normally provided nursing care during the school day, but schools are shut down and that is not being provided.  if the child had a personal nurse, you could argue that should continue at home, but I am guessing the school nurse handled it.

    ok, in the US? the child needs to be registered with the state developmental disabilities office..they should be able to refer to resources....some areas have medical child day cares...but there are very limited spots

    a parent is free to hire a regular babysitter who is taught how to tube feed, non medical people do it all the time...its just that a parent is more reliable than many babysitters.  can he afford a regular babysitter?

    one possibility is to hire another parent with a child on a feeding tube....that parent will be experienced....a lot will depend on if 1 adult can manage 2 severely disabled children.

    what country?  in the US, a nurse is only provided if the child is medically fragile such as needing a feeding tube.

    what age?  how severe are the needs?  would the person be able to be accommodated in adult day care?

  • 2 months ago

    theres programs around for people without insurance, one is the indigent care program, he could also apply for medicaid 

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