Is it wrong to prevent elderly aunt from going to church?

My grandmother usually takes her aunt (my great-grandmother's sister and my great-great aunt) to mass each Saturday afternoon. She in her mid-90s and enjoys going to Church. The problem is my grandmother and her friend, who also goes to mass with them, like to smoke in the car, and my aunt has trouble breathing and can't be around smoke. Now she says as much as she loves going to Church, she can't ride with my grandmother and has no other way to get there.  

My grandmother and her friend light up as soon as they get in the car after mass and smoke like chimneys. I think they are being selfish; there is no reason why they can't smoke outside the car or wait until they get home (the Church is only 10 minutes away from my grandmother's house) I thought once my aunt said that she could go because of the smoke, my grandmother would stop. Instead, she said that it's best that my aunt stop going to mass. Her friend says that my aunt wears clothes from the 1970's, and is embarrassed to be seen with her in Church? I think my grandmother is being selfish and is not handling this situation well. Am I correct? Is my grandmother being selfish to my aunt or am I mistaken?


Pearl, it is her car. Do you just respond to questions for the fun of it without reading them?

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  • drip
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    6 months ago
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    At all the churches I have gone to if an elderly Parishioner wanted to attend church and had no transportation, the church  would find someone to pick them up and take them home.  

    Ask the church for help getting your aunt to church. 

  • Anonymous
    6 months ago

    No, it's not O.K. and should not be allowed.  The selfish smoker can go without for a few minutes I'm sure. 

  • 6 months ago

    None of them should be attending church during the Covid  problem.  And exposing yourself to smoke at that age is also very dangerous.  I think you're trolling. 

  • 6 months ago

    i wouldnt take the other people if they were going to smoke in your car

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