Are you required to disclose your HIV status to sexual partners in Washington State?

My brother just broke the news to me that he has HIV. He found out a few days ago. He says he got it from a guy he had been intimate with many times over the last year. When he found out he contacted that guy and he told him that he had gotten tested 3mos ago and was aware he had it but didnt tell my brother because "he didn't think it was a big deal". I know that in some states you're required fo disclose your status with sexual partners, I just dont know if Washington State is one of those states.

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    I would say that the answer to your question is "Yes."  Although the law states that the person who transmitted the virus must do so with intent to harm someone, the law also provides that this person would still be criminally negligent at the least, if they knew they had the virus, decided to engage in an activity where they knew they could pass it to someone else, and did not tell the other person beforehand.

    The question here is this:  Did your brother contract the HIV before or after this other person knew they were infected?  You said that they had been intimate for a year and this person only found out that they were infected 3 months ago.  It takes anywhere from 4 to 12 weeks (1 to 3 months) after exposure for a test to be able to determine if a person has it, and then the test results could take up to a few weeks to come back.  If your brother got tested before the other person got his results back, then he (your brother) already had the virus and neither party was aware that either one carried the virus.

    And here's a question that may be uncomfortable to answer, but is your brother certain that he got HIV from this person or is it possible that he got it from someone else and passed it to this person in the past year?

    Either way, both of them now know that they have it, so I'd wager that they are both obligated to disclose their status to any future partners, lest they be found liable for passing it on to anybody.  The only ambiguity here lies in the timeline.

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    Legally required or not is not the frigging point. If not treated HIV AIDS could end up killing you.

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    That would depend on your partner, do they like surprises?

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    It will be better if you disclose it. However, don't pressure yourself. If you are not ready to disclose it, then don't. Just make sure your partner is safe. HIV/AIDS isn't that horrible as we think before. We thought that it is dangerous disease. However, it is no longer anymore. In my case I have been HIV positive for 7 years and it has been 2 years since I stop taking my ARV's and choose the natural remedy. I should say, I am healthy like horse.

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  • This is a big deal, HIV can be life threatening if it's not treated properly. If you manage to contract covid 19, while you have HIV that can be a very big deal. HIV weakens your immune system, which can make covid 19 more sever then what most people get when they contract it. 

    You're required to disclose your status in every state. How ever this is your brother's business, he should be telling any partners that he wants to get intimate with about his status. 

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    You are required to in every state and and you should no matter where you are.

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