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What's the minimum width a private road carrying 2 way traffic at 5mph should be?


In the UK

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  • 6 months ago

    If it's a private road, it's entirely up to the owner(s) as to how wide they make it.  It's out of scope of the Road Traffic Acts, so there's no law saying how wide it has to be.

  • 6 months ago

    Manual for Streets, the national guidance for new roads with vehicle speeds below 37mph (60kph) details various widths on page 79.

    4.1 metres is the minimum width for a car to pass a car.

    4.8 metres is the minimum width for a car to pass a rigid vehicle.

    5.5 metres is the minimum for a rigid vehicle to pass a rigid vehicle.

    Although proceeding paragraph 6.5.7 on page 72 states a minimum width for a bus route is 6 metres and this is usually the minimum width if articulated lorries are expected.

    However roads with vehicle speeds greater than 37 mph the minimum is 6 metres and recommended is 7.3 metres.

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