How long should I wait to text him back after he finally contacts me back? New to the dating game after 9 yrs?

I met this guy online over a month ago. Yes, online. That may not be a good look, but if the man of your dreams could be in another city or state and you'd nvr know it. He lives 2hrs from me and went out on our 1st date going on 2 wks ago. We seemed to have hit it off well. He's a single dad of a 13 year old and I'm a recently divorced mom of a 4 yr old little boy. His son had been staying with the guys mom for the month of June till last week and now he's back home with him. I'm 34 and was w/my ex husband dating/engaged/married for 7yrs. Divorce was finalized in Jan, so I'm back in the after being out so long. He took his son to Florida last Thurs night, 5 nights ago, to see family and go to the beach. He called me the night they were getting ready to go and we had talked every day since early June. Supposed to go out this wkend, he's making the drive to see me again. I sent him 1 text msg to see if they made it safely Friday. I've not heard from him since. I feel like a high school girl or college girl all over again. When he does contact me back, how long should I wait to respond back? Or should I just ignore him all together. Weird that I haven't heard from him and kind of making me a tad bit upset. I'm not going to wait for him. 

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