Is the Storm more hated than the roosters? They’ve pro ratad SBW salary at 900k per year but don’t have that space for the whole yr?

Should they be allowed to sign SBW? 


Anon I live in melbs and every Sydney person tells me they hate the storm and the roosters suck. You are clearly out of touch hahah 

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  • 3 months ago

    St George, Souths and Brisbane have more supporters, but the Roosters come a close fourth as being one of the most popular teams in the league. Sonny Bill Williams is perhaps the finest forward ever to have played our game, and it was wonderful that the NRL found a way to include him in this year's competition.

    It is true that Melbourne has a smaller number of home supporters, but most informed fans of Rugby League also love the Storm. However, some people are racist and hate them because of the high number of Indigenous Australians and Pacific Islanders who play for them. There is no place for racism in sport, and those racists should not be allowed into our home games.

  • Anonymous
    3 months ago

    What are you talking about? Almost everyone LOVES those two teams. It is only the westies who hate them.

  • The Storm should be forever remembered as the cheats they were with respect to their salary cap cheating (10 years later it seems like everyone's just sort of forgotten that this happened).  I still don't understand how it is that the Roosters can just seemingly add high-priced talent on a whim, but it seems like they just seem to be able to do whatever they want because they're the Roosters.

    FWIW I'm all for modifying the salary cap to allow teams to go over the cap to resign players that have spent their entire career with a club down to the U20's, Intrust, whatever along with a form of a FFP kicker to keep teams from losing more than X percentage of revenue/turnover.

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