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Should China Be Punished For Spreading Corona Virus Around The World?

China Is The Cause of Spreading Corona Virus Around The World, and Should Be Punished For That Since Corona Virus First Appeared In Wuhan!

So, Should China Be Punished For Spreading Corona Virus Around The World?

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    And how do you propose to punish China?  Trade embargos?  That would hurt the U.S. economy more than China.  Ban Chinese from traveling to the U.S.?  Other nations have already done that to us since the spread of Coronavirus has skyrocketed.  No matter what Trump might claim is an appropriate punishment, China will simply thumb their nose at us and do the same to us, like with the tariffs.  Best to just forgive and forget, and try to be cooperative friends working together to fix this global disaster.  No more finger pointing, please.

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    6 months ago

    No.  It is just where it comes from(this time) 

    "Ebola" comes from Africa -Obama stopped that there.

    MERS comes from Arabia area from camels and it was stopped/not cured

    Spanish Flu came from KENTUCKY so it is a U.S. disease that killed millions in the U.S. and in Europe.

    Google it up

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    6 months ago

    stop all chinese people from entering

    your country

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    6 months ago

    Vengeance is NOT yours!  By now, the world is spinning in many directions with more to come and here is the kicker... YOU ARE NOT THE CURE! 

    But God stepped up and said:  "Vengeance is mine"...  and here is the proof.

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    6 months ago

    If it started in the US, should we be blamed? The right thing to do is to work together to stop it. China is working on cures the same as we are. They did wait a little too long to tell the world, but they did tell - our President refused to listen and is trying to blame his abysmal failure in a national response by branding it "their" flu. It started from bats. Scientists from other countries have validated that. It was not from a lab. That bat could have been in the US or any other country. This is a worldwide pandemic and America which is only 4% of the world's population has over 25% of the cases and deaths. We should punish our White House by voting out the anti-christ that doesn't have a wing or a prayer of being able to fix his monumental f*ckup or unite the country. Let alone fixing the economy - because he was handed an already great economy that Obama and Biden brought back from the brink. Trump has been bankrupt 6 times. Not to mention his moral corruption. Vote in November. Or the number dead will be way more than the 153,000 it is now.

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