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Why did my blood sugar jump up from 100 to 350 without eating anything?

I'm a diabetic on insulin, and my blood sugar went from about 105 to over 350 in the matter of 3 hours and I hadn't even eaten anything since breakfast. My blood sugar at 11am was 105 (3 hours after breakfast, which was low carbs, I only had a cereal bar with 12g of carbs in it), then I never had lunch and I tested it again at 2pm and it was 350.

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    2 months ago

    Because of a liver dump.

  • 2 months ago

    Read up on the Somogyi effect.   What happens is your blood sugar goes too low and your body responds with an adrenaline effect which causes glucagon in your liver to be quickly converted into sugar and then your sugar level goes up.    It sometimes happen with long acting insulin in the middle of the night.   When you get up in the AM your sugar is high so you increase the insulin.   Then it happens again the next night,  the response is even greater and your blood sugar goes even higher.   You keep boosting the dose and eventually you end up dead.    I suggest you DO NOT respond to this by taking more insulin.   You need to find out if this is actually happening.  

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