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How long does it take to learn Japanese?

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    For a native English speaker, quite a long time.

    If you have experience learning another language, that will make it a bit easier, especially if that language is Korean or Chinese as Korean as many similar grammatical concepts (and vocabulary) and Chinese shares similarities in the writing system. If you have studied or know about linguistics, that will make it a bit easier.

    It also depends on what your final goal is. Understanding anime/movies? Conversational fluency? True native-like proficiency? 

    I'd say 3-5 years of dedication to reach a stage where could participate in most daily conversatons confidently. But many more years to become a truly proficient speaker, especially without extended time spent in Japan.

    Source(s): live in Japan, married to Japanese, studied japanese at school and university
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    It depends on how hard you study, and want you really want, for example, you only want to say some japanese sentences,  read some basic words, maybe three month is enough, but if you want to be an expert in japanese,  at least five years.

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    3 months ago

    At least 3 weeks! 


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    3 months ago

    First, you must be aware that, in Japan, they don't have election every four

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    3 months ago

    For a native speaker of English, already fluent in a second language?

    The US Foreign Service Institute says at least 2200 hours of class, as in a minimum of 88 weeks.

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    Nobody is the same. It depends on your personal ability to learn a language, how much time you're going to spend on it, your motivation and the interest you have for this language.

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    A decade minimum i would imagine, if you mean completely learn with very little error

  • 3 months ago

    Depends on how much your committed 

  • 3 months ago

    however long god determines it to take

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