Will colleges see my AP/IB credits if I’m transferring to another college? ?

Hi! I’m going to be a freshman at college, and I’m attending my safety. My goal is to go to Duke University. I have a question. Basically, I took IB, and my safety gave me credit for only math studies as elementary calculus and English also. If I’m transferring to duke, will it be necessary to send them my IB scores again, or should I give them what my safety gave me as a credit. I’m also thinking about doing CLEP (if you’re familiar), and my safety takes the credit. Again, if I pass the test and got the credit, will Duke need to see my CLEP, or should I send them the credit the safety provided me since I passed the CLEP exam


Edit: If I go to Duke with my IB scores as a transfer, I will not qualify for the credit since I got a 6 in math studies and 5 in English HL. So... help me. Do I have to take it again? 

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    6 months ago

    Yes, you should send your IB scores. I went to Duke- it's a tough school to get into. But they do take transfers. The admissions people at Duke are the best ones to ask about how they look at CLEP scores. 

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