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I don’t know what to do?

So in 2019 I started university. The orientation that we had, they gave us a paper with all the classes that we needed to enroll in for that 2019 Fall Semester. As a blind dumb freshman I added all the classes which were 6 with a lab. I didn’t know what was going on at that time. Obviously I couldn’t keep up with everything and ended failing 3/6 classes. My gpa was a 1.1, got put on academic probation. For this 2020 Spring Semester I tried my best and worked really hard. Added only a few classes so I can keep up and raised my gpa to a 2.3 which is the average for my uni. Now that we’re hitting the Fall Semester with a pandemic going around. I got an email yesterday saying that my financial aid rewards will be put on hold unless I submit an appeal form. I legit can’t go to school without that money bc fafsa really helped me pay everything for last semester and spring semester. I checked and everything with my grades are well so I don’t know what’s going on. I emailed my advisor about it to see what I can do because I’m so anxious right now. If I can’t get that money, I will not be able to go to school this year. I’m scared to tell my parents since they have been fighting lately and I don’t want to add to their plate. I feel like throwing up bc of how anxious I am. I worked  hard last semester so I can get off academic probation. Plus I got a job this year and even with the money I’ve earned till now isn’t even close enough to pay for it and to add they cut my hours .

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    "The orientation that we had, they gave us a paper..."

    You sound like 2007 Britney. If you're not having fun now just wait. It gets worse. Of all the things they mentioned I'm sure they never mentioned it will financially cripple you, ruin your life and crush your soul. It really does prevent you from moving forward with anything. College often does more harm than good. Do yourself a favor and quit while you're still ahead, kid.

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    Contact the financial aid office and let them know that you need your financial aid rewards and ask them if they can help you submit an appeal form.

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    Contact the financial aid office at your school.  They will know more than your advisor will.  No one here knows why you received that letter or what you need to do, but the financial aid office can definitely help.

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    First thing. A 2.3 is NOT dismal. It is by no way good. But it is very average/mediocre. However, I applaud you for not giving up and trying to do better instead of quitting. 

    If payment is a concern, I suggest you talk with your school about payment plans. There are usually interest free monthly plans to cover your costs if you cannot pay them all up front. However, a hold will be placed on your student record if you do not fulfill your obligation to pay the installment on time, and will be withdrawn from the school.

    Also you can seek out a nearby community college. There should be one near as it is likely a feeder school to your University.  And as a freshman you are still taking primarily basic prerequisites, and at a CC you can take those classes relatively cheaper compared to a University. Just speak with an enrollment advisor and let them know of your intentions and your situations so they can steer you in the right direction..

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    Did you register for your classes and take enough classes to at least be a part time student. 

    You should qualify for federal loans regardless of your gpa. The only way you would be disqualified is if you’re not at least a part time student. 

    If you’re registered for the fall semester, there must be a screw up somewhere so file an appeal. 

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    Sounds like you might need to find a cheaper college.  Maybe you should switch to community college for a few semesters.  Work and pay your way through the classes.  Only take a few classes a semester and get your GPA up.  A 2.3 is dismal.  The last thing you want is to come out of school with tens of thousands of dollars in debt hanging over you.

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