Is theatre becoming a dying art?

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  • 6 months ago
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    No.  Though live theater will not be coming back anytime soon, most actors are still rehearsing and performing via streaming and video.

    I've done some zoom readings and am rehearsing for a full production the same way.  Actors act because it is an important part of our lives and not just for the recognition of performance.

  • Anonymous
    6 months ago

    Once there's a vaccine that renders it safe to be out in numbers again, theatre will come alive again.

    We moved in the fall, and among the things we regretted leaving was season tickets to two good theatres and proximity to Broadway, just a day's train ride away.

    First time we went out at the new place, it was for dinner and theatre. The second time, just theatre. (We still haven't been to the movies.) As long as there are people who enjoy live performance and are able to pay to see it, there will be theatre.

    FWIW, people complain about the cost of Broadway and touring companies, which is their right, but regional theatre is uniformly good and costs less. Community and college theatres are often excellent, and very affordable. Heck, some high schools put on a really good show, when it's well chosen.

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