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Should I get makeup?

I went to the drug store with my father to get some more of my acne cream and while in the beauty section he made it pretty clear he didn’t want me to own makeup.  My mother never wore any and when she did I wasn’t aloud to touch it, I’m not close with her anymore so I can’t talk to her.  All of my friends either own or wear some form of makeup and I feel a bit strange because I’ve never had any.  I want to feel more feminine yet it’s been made clear that my father doesn’t think I need it or should use it.  I’m going into 8th and just wanted some light eye products and lip products, nothing bold.  I don’t feel comfortable discussing the subject as he made his position clear.  I don’t know if I should just take some of my personal saving(what I would have used to pay) and go out and purchase what I want later and just hide it.  His argument was that I didn’t need it and that I wouldn’t wear it anyways, and if I did I would look silly.  I don’t know what to do as I’ve never really rebelled.

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    Is there a possibility you could talk to your father about just wearing something super natural, like mascara and sheer lip gloss, to start with? If you ask for too much (as in him allowing you to wear a full face) he is unlikely to change his mind. He probably thinks of smoky eyes or bright lips (as a lot of men do) when it comes to makeup, but let him know you only plan on using very subtle, barely noticeable makeup to enhance your features. When I was in gr.7 my dad was against makeup, yet I wanted to wear some so I resorted to only wearing a thin coat of mascara (on upper lashes) and cherry chapstick. He could not tell I was wearing makeup at all.

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    Its up to you, its your personal choice whatever you like.

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    Don't worry, it's possible to persuade you dad to let you wear makeup. Try this:-

    - try talking to him during some quiet time when he's more relaxed. Being calmer makes it easier.

    - explain to your dad what the reasons why you want to wear makeup are, like to cover up your acne so you feel more confident, or to enhance your eyes. Don't use the line, 'because all of the other girls wear makeup'. This doesn't work, and your dad may tell you that you look beautiful as you are, and that you don't need it, or ask, 'if they all jumped off a cliff, would you do that too?'

    - try striking up a bargain. If there are any big events coming up - for example if you're attending a wedding or a school disco - you may be able to persuade him to let you wear a little bit to those events.

    - if there are no special events coming up, try starting small, like concealer to hide your acne, a little lip gloss or tinted lip balm, and some nail varnish.

    - try doing some research on different makeup products and which ones suit acne prone skin, then show him what you've looked up.

    - also try reminding him that when people first begin wearing makeup, it's actually inevitable that people will make mistakes, like getting a blusher which is too dark, a lipstick which is too bright, or a too pale foundation. It's much better to make those mistakes when you're younger - typically as a teenager - than it is to make them as an adult, which could result in someone attending a job interview or going to work looking like a clown.

    - be patient if your dad doesn't give in right away. Wait for a little while - for example a week - and then ask him again.

    If the cost of makeup is an issue, then try going to a discount store which sells makeup products, like a dollar store. I would recommend spending a little more on foundation, as I've found that very cheap foundations aren't much good, but the cheaper varieties of other kinds of makeup, like blusher, powders and eye and lip makeup can be perfectly fine. I'd recommend you try Max & More, Olivia Hale and MUA products, as I've found that they're cheap, but very good quality.

    Also, know that you don't need to wear makeup to feel more feminine. There are plenty of feminine girls and women who choose not to wear makeup, plus tomboys and also some men who do wear makeup.

    Hope this helps.

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    I was in the same boat as you. Lol you sound exactly like I did in the 8th grade. I wanted to wear makeup in the seventh grade so bad because I thought it was a grown up thing to do and my parents would not let me and of course, I wouldn't listen and sneak it anyway. In 9th grade, I started wearing foundation and eyeliner. I regret it because I had the most beautiful skin and it messed it up. Makeup does make you look older. I am now a sophomore in college and wear makeup now and finally know how to do it and get a lot of compliments. but I am grown and just wish i would have waited a little longer. You'll have your time to wear it, believe me

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    2 months ago

    Well I am 12 years old 4ight now I like to wear makeup I have been playing around with makeup since I was like 5 just for fun and when I went to forth grade I started wearing real makeup but only for special days in 5th grade I did the same 6th grade I started wearing it about three times a week now that I'm going to 7th grade I am wearing all this summer all I wear blush highlight eye-shadow mascara and my mom just started letting me wear lashes I also use lip gloss or lipstick with a lip liner I also have nails 

    OK well I think you should be able to wear makeup just so you know if you wear a lot like foundation or something you might break out and I love makeup I love just being supper girly your going to 8th grade and If you dont start wearing it dont feel awkward in my school a lot of girls dont wear it or arent aloud to I dont see why not

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    There is nothing about wearing makeup that makes a girl more "feminine". It makes her look like she wears makeup. That's the ONLY difference. 

  • Jerry
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    2 months ago

    I think you should avoid open disobedience and instead "work on" your dad with pleading, bargaining, appeals to reason, appeals to love, etc. Tell your Dad that you're afraid of being cruelly teased for being too different from you friends, that no matter how silly it is it still hurts you when your friends tease you about being the only one with no make up at all and something barely there like a natural toned lip gloss would save you so much awkwardness and embarrassment. 

    Don't bring up the eye make up. A lot of men associate heavy eye makeup with unchastity and the idea of his little girl "tarting herself up" with eye makeup will make him angry and unreasonable. 

    Unchastity means being sexually active, especially in a wanton "tramping around with every guy in town" kind of way.

    Tarting yourself up means dressing and making up in an overly sexual way like a stripper or street walker. 

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    2 months ago

    Take a few bucks and go to a dollar store. Buy some pressed powder, eyeliner, blush, eyeshadow and tinted lip gloss. When he's not around, try them out and see how you like them.

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