I want to tell a girl how I feel regardless of her perspective and own feelings of me but I’m really scared ?

Scared of others around me and her, mockers, trolls the like. But I feel like the only way I can escape this pain regardless of the final outcome is to tell her. I’ve already made my mind up around our working position. It feels so different when I’m around her in real life like I gravitate to her so much but I’m talking to her and I’m thinking to my self “do I like her???” But I think I’m just picking out her flaws easily. So yeah; does anyone have any methods. She works on a pharmacy area of our store and moved from our department on checkouts. How should I approach her if getting her alone is close to impossible. I did kinda delete my socials and snapchat because I’m just happier without those expectations in life. I feel one of the only routes is asking for advice through one of her best work friends who I also consider to be mine who I also really trust who’s my exact age and going through other similar things. What do you think this this worth it or could turn out worse for me before I leave in this next year or so.

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  • Foofa
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    6 months ago
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    Trying to date coworkers is usually not worth it and as you seem to believe she won't be receptive you should probably spend some time thinking about how this might go down. You corner her and hit her with this then she has to awkwardly back out of it. Then she'll start avoiding you at work. She might even tell other coworkers about it, thus humiliating you. Just because you feel something doesn't necessarily mean that it needs to be said out loud. 

  • Imp
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    6 months ago

    When your with a girl never tell her how you feel or offer a relationship first. Doing that is a signal to the girl that you're unnatractive

    B.J.Thomas: Never tell never tell never tell never tell

    The little girl you love her

    Sweet talk sweet talk sweet talk sweet talk

    Is something you should spare

    I know, yes I know, I know

    It seems unfair

    But if you let her know you care

    Then the challenge won't be there

    And she'll be blue, feeling blue

    Wondering what in the world

    Did I do

    To you

    If you are really in love

    Then consider it a blessing

    Don't spoil it by confessing

    I've learned my lesson

    Keep 'em guessing

    Ohhh Ohhh

    I know it won't be easy

    But wait a little while

    Until you walk her down the aisle

    That's it keep your style

    Don't be tempted by her smile

    Wait till she says I do

    I love you!

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