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If a real estate company is selling a house and they get an offer, is it too late to take the house off the market?

I inherited the house but my dad didn't want me to have it so my lawyer gave my dad some papers to give to me but he threw them in the trash, then my dad went and found me a new lawyer and real estate company to handle the sale of the house.  

The house was supposed to be sold for Medicaid Recovery, my first lawyer filed papers with Medicaid on my behalf and Medicaid granted me an undue hardship and the papers basically said they were not going to require the sale of the house or contents.   The lawyer said we are now free and clear to transfer the deed over to my name.

When I called the real estate company they said they just had a cash offer of $5,000 over asking price.  They said the Auction company is scheduled to clear out the house next Tuesday and the sale date is set for 2 weeks from Saturday.

My Grandma made me Executor of her estate because she knew how my parents are, but they stepped in and interfered once again.  I just finished changing the locks so I have the only keys.  The real estate office is now closed for the night, so what do I do next?


This isn't about the house, it's about not letting my parents win.  I'm 30 years old and it just keeps getting worse, they think they can just make all my decisions for me like I'm a little kid and it needs to stop.

Update 2:

stop answering.  I'm trying to delete this question as it was not asked correctly.

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    auction?  this makes no sense...that indicates there is a have to find out what that is about.

    you accepted the new lawyer/ are letting daddy run your life

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    Your story once again makes no sense.

    You are 30 and act like a little kid so people treat you like a little kid.

    If you really ARE the executor of the estate AND the person who inherits the house, then you WOULD NOT HAVE HAD ANY PAPERWORK FOR YOUR FATHER... your father would not be part of the transaction.

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    Unfortunately, changing the locks will not prevent the house and contents from being sold.  You need to get in touch with the real estate agent asap.  He needed authorisation to show the house.  If you did not authorise him as executor, then the only possible explanation is that Medicaid did.  Get those papers out and read them now.  If you are executor, the house sale and contents auction cannot take place without your consent.

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