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Do guinea pigs hate to be cuddled? ?

Someone said guinea pigs don’t like to be cuddled by humans but my 2 seem to love it.  Is this true or not?  I know they don’t like being picked up but they do seem to like being held and petted they even make a purring sound.  

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    Only if they are not given a choice to cuddle with you or avoid you.

    They are a little like rabbits and like their feet on the ground. You can often coax them onto your lap with treats but like that feeling of being able to run away if they chose.

    Yea, when they trust you won't chase, grab them, or pick them up, they get treats from you, they see you as something good and come around. Some are very verbal, purring and making other happy sounds. My trio more liked to cuddle next to me nibbling on hay. The shy one sometimes hiding under my shirt. They crawl into your lap maybe a little petting with a treat. be ready for that 'OH jeez' moment they poop or pee on you. It is the way they are, some will hate cuddling, others love it.

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    I think it is OK as long as you don't pick them up by the tail.   I was told that if you did, their eyes can pop out.

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