Were Chrysler Cars of the 1950's Considered 'reliable' back in the day? ?

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    2 months ago
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    They were boring but well engineered and built thru the 1956 model year.  All lines were brand-new for 1957:  hastily designed, poorly engineered, sloppily built rust buckets:  cheap materials, skimpy interior trim, bad brakes,and the old flathead 6 was obsolete by then  (replaced by slant 6 in 1960) . . . . efforts were made to improve build quality but the basic design was flawed and standard bodies were crap until all new in 1965  (many panels carried over even with the switch to unibody in 1960).  Chrysler products were somewhat better from 1965 until emission controls were mandated:  Chrysler's response was the "Lean Burn" system which basically burned the valves (if you could get them to run at all).  

  • 2 months ago

    No.  For one thing, they were rolling rust buckets.

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