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Can I get into musical theatre professionally if I start at 17?

I have a lot of dance experience but I don't think I can sing. Is it possible for me to get accepted into a collage? I had a friend who only danced ballet and had no skill in singing or acting or any other dance styles but got accepted into Laine. 

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    100% yes! It's never to late to start and you can always go to singing classes or even better, join a choir if you're on a budget. There are loads of dance colleges to pick from so give it a go. Good luck! :)

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    Some BFA dance majors grads (not talking about  MT or drama majors) from NYU Tisch are currently in Broadway shows. (of course Covid has closed everything for now) That would include Hamilton and Wicked.  If you are an excellent dancer you can get work in MT if you can just carry a tune and not sing all that great.  If you go for a dance BFA if you don’t get into a MT major, they will likely  give you some acting and singing classes too. Way less than a MT major but there is a way to do this if you aren’t a triple threat. 

    * There are retired professional ballet dancers dancing in Broadway shows that were told to just move their lips but not actually sing who were in an American in a Paris. Of course the more skills you have the better. You can always learn to up your singing.  As a dancer you know 17 would have been way too late to start dance training for a career. But you can start singing training now and eventually audition as a “dancer who can sing” with dance being your forte.  (We are talking about chorus roles not leads of course.)

    Source(s): I’m a retire dancer who has been on Broadway many years ago. My daughter is a professional dancer/choreographer who has classmates from NYU Tisch ( dance majors) who are currently in Broadway shows.
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    No - sorry, but you have to be what they call a "triple threat" - brilliant at acting, singing and dancing.  

    Most people who get to be professional MT performers have been winning prizes at local, regional and national competitions since they were about 10 years old.  And even then, the chances of any of them making a living from MT is minimal.  The competition is huge, jobs scarce and the pay very poor.

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    Of course you can't, not without a beautiful voice. You can't imagine how many unbelievably talented actors scramble to find jobs even when there's no pandemic. And all of them can sing, dance, and act on a Broadway level. Sorry, but you need to be realistic. 

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    You can always do things for FUN, locally - but a professional career? As in - Broadway?  Slim - very slim chance.  NY University used to run an ad periodically in the NY Times, informing us that at that moment, ALL Broadway shows had undergrad or graduate-level students in EVERY SINGLE Broadway show.  If they graduated - the had to get IN - ans that presupposes serious ongoing music/performing instruction from when they were TODDLERS - like the kids who actually make it to the Olympics.  My husband and I,  our adult son, his wife, my SIL - all had long a prosperous career in performing arts and arts education - and all of us started lessons and classes before the age of SEVEN - and studied continuously, going on to degrees from fine conservatories, and therefore, nice careers.  For you start at 17 and talk about doing this professionally is a fantasy.  Were there people years ago who might have done this?  Maybe.   Is it possible NOW, with millions of dreamy-eyed AND well-educated/trained kids out there?  Not likely.  Good luck - you can always do this for fun - but make sure you have a *day job* that pays all your bills p- including more arts instruction.

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