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I think my husband has dementia and he won't see a doctor, he is in complete denial he hates doctors. What do i do? Something is different?

Hello, we are a married straight couple who are both in our late 50s. We have been married since we were both in our late 20s and time has flown by.

A few months ago I noticed my husband kept misplacing things round the house. He kept forgetting where he put his coffee, tv remote and forgot what we just talked about 5 minutes ago. We laughed it off, i will let him off with his age (58).

However these past 2 weeks he's just not been himself and I have been a bit worried. We had the grandkids round, and my my daughter and we drove to the pub and he had to park up and ask where we were going. I asked him if he was alright but he got agitated and said hes fine.

Then, i misplaced his car keys and shouted at me and broke our picture frame of us. He sat down, cooled down and watched tv and i told him i was sorry but he looked at me confused and asked me for what. He later went into the kitchen and asked me what happened, I got agitated saying he did it and he just laughed thought i was joking with him.

The husband I know isn't the one to play jokes like that, he's a kind patient man who has never touched me, called me any nasty names or acted aggressive thats why i love him. Then, he got dressed to go to the museum we used to go to where we were younger which we havent been in so long im surprised he remembers that.

I sat him down, smiled at me said hes fine refuses to go doctors because hes fit and healthy and has looked after himself. Told me i might just be confused.


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    No one at 58 should be forgetting  things more than occasionally. That's  not old. How long has it been since he saw a doctor? If he has always been resistant to check ups, he may have uncontrolled high blood pressure (there are no symptoms in most people)  which might have caused a mini stroke. You are going to have to insist. Do you think he'd listen more to another family member? Maybe a brother or one of his kids? Some people don't like the one they are closest to worrying about them and pretend they are fine.

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    In case you did not know there is a cure for Alshimers and dementia - Many who started as your husband did.  The cure is to clean the arteries to the brain - it can be done by dietary and lifestyle changes or by expensive surgery followed by dietary and lifestyle change.  The type of change you need to make is to a whole food simply prepared foods cutting out refined processed foods.  God bless you and I believe He is here to brighten our minds as well.  Probably as his wife you hold the key to his improvement through your gentle influence and improved culinary skills.

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    I suggest you talk to your Doctor and ask him what to do. He might have had a mini stroke.


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    It's evident he does need help. Dementia is more common in people over the age of 65, but it can also affect younger people. Early onset of the disease can begin when people are in their 30s, 40s, or 50s. With treatment and early diagnosis, you can slow the progression of the disease and maintain mental function. Don't waste precious time. Best wishes. 

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    Maybe have a chat with the relevant doctor and tell them to make a home visit, don’t tell your husband because you are concerned for him and often times what you see the other person cannot themselves so let a doctor come and see and do the check ups whatsoever 

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