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if parked on a hill where if vehicle rolled, it would move forward, would be better to put manual transmission in reverse gear in that case?

i have heard /read that reverse gear is the strongest gear , even more so than first, is that correct? if so, would reverse be best in this case too? or maybe i should put a log or even two logs in front of both front wheels?

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    I have had my hands inside a couple of manual transmissions and reverse is set up completely different from the other gears, if they are still manufactured the same way, so I believe reverse is stronger but it makes no difference in your case.  To engage the forward gears a collar slides back and forth to engage the gear, the gears don't move at all.  But reverse is an idler gear and the gear actually moves to engage which in my book makes it stronger, but the force to destroy the collar to engage other forward gears would be so much that it doesn't even come into play in your situation.  I would put it in reverse or first and turn my wheels toward the curb.  

  • Neil
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    6 months ago

    It is always advisable to park a manual car in gear, and in the opposite gear to the likely direction that the car could roll, so in reverse gear if forwards is downhill, 1st gear if forwards is uphill. So in your case, yes, put the car in reverse gear. Chocking the wheels would add an extra layer of safety.

    The theory is that the car's engine could start if the car rolled in gear in the right direction, but it cannot start if the rolling would turn the engine in the wrong direction.

    See rule 252 at the link below for the official UK Highway Code (long-standing Government-issued guidance) advice on the issue.

  • Phil M
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    The lowest gear ratio is best. In modern vehicles reverse is a lower ratio than first. Doesn't matter if the car is facing up or down hill.

  • F
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    The hand brake should be enough although if you have rear drum brakes and parked with hot brakes they can contact and maybe the car might roll. 

    On a manual , engaging any gear is a good idea as a back up as is pointing your wheels so it rolls into the kerb .

    In an auto, park licks the transmission in a similar way.

    Btw N

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  • Marvin
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    6 months ago

    A low ratio gear is good.  Reverse or first gear is good.  I owned standards for years.  I always left mine in reverse. I never had a jeep roll away.

  • Anonymous
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    No.  Putting it in gear will only slow the car if the brake fails, your parking brake is what should be holding the car. Turn your wheels in toward the curb and set the parking brake, then release the foot brake to make sure the parking brake is what is holding it.   Then you can put it in first gear, or your automatic in park.  If you put an automatic in park, then let your car roll forward until the transmission is what is holding the car on a steep hill, you may not be able to pull the transmission out of park. Should the car roll forward with a manual while in reverse, the engine would turn backwards. Some components aren't designed to run the opposite direction.

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  • Geo
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    There's no such thing as strong or weak gears, they are either higher or lower Ratios. Reverse has the lowest Ratio. The best thing to have a fully functional Emergency Brake. It locks the rear wheels up. But a wheel chock is a good thing to carry, those triangle looking things. You don't need a big one. I have a folding metal one, not much bigger than a pack of cigarettes.

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    It is not that reverse is the strongest, but it has the highest gear ratio (number of turns of the crankshaft per turns of the gear). This allows the compression of the engine to have the most advantage to keep the car from moving. It is the reason old Saab's require you to put the car into reverse before they'd let you take the key out of the ignition. But even with the most advantageous gear being used (reverse), most hills will be more than enough to overcome the engine compression and reverse gear. But a better answer would be to use the thing called the "parking brake" to keep your car from rolling.  If the parking brake is broken, the logs are a good idea. And always curb your wheels when parking on a hill (turn them into the curb).

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    Handbrake and 3rd gear is usually enough to stop rolling, 3rd gear is the best one IMHO.

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    FWIW, on a hill you should really use the emergency/hand/foot brake.

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