What are these tiny black jumping insects in my house?

I started getting insect bites on me a few months back and dismissed it as mosquito bites however after waking up one day I found black jumping insects on my legs and feet which is where majority of the bites were.My family has seen them too after I managed to catch one in my room. Unfortunately it wasn't dead like I thought and it jumped out of my hand.

Does anyone have an idea of what they might be? They're pinhead-sized, black and somewhat flat. They bite and jump around so it's hard to catch one to identify it.

I thought they were fleas and we sprayed and fogged the house because they spread (they were on the sofa in the living room and started popping up on the nearby furniture. From there they appeared on my bed then in the bedroom of a family member).

Advent flea spray and Raid flea spray gets rid of them for a few days but then they come back. The same is true for the foggers. They get on clothes, bedding and pillows. I mainly see them at night.

Our house is clean and so are my family and myself. We don't own pets but our upstairs neighbors (our house is split in two) have a dog but it rarely goes outside. We had an exterminator handle termites in my room a few weeks ago. After he sprayed is when the insects started physically popping up.We also caught a mouse in my room a few months ago. Our house has never had mice before.

My doctor suggested bedbugs which doesn't sound right. I have terrible allergies so we use slip covers on our pillows and mattresses.


Even after washing my bedcover they still come back. The insect bites are so bad I hate having to go to bed or near certain pieces of furniture. Also I'm the only one in the house who seems to be getting bitten by them. I'd appreciate it if someone had an idea of what these things are.

Update 2:

I do live in an old house and my neighbor didn't fog their place.

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  • 6 months ago

    These are definately fleas.

    Fleas have a four part life cycle, the egg, the larva, the pupa and the adult flea.  You have to either treat with something that gets rid of or kills ALL the parts of the life cycle or treat over and over.  

    I have a couple friends who have successfully gotten rid of flea infestations in carpet by sprinkling diotomacious earth all over it, letting it sit for a couple hours, then vaccumming it up.  You have to do this DAILY for weeks.  Those friends didn’t want to use poisons in their home.

    I get migraines from the poisons in foggers, bombs and sprays so have always used diotomacious earth for insect issues.

    You will also want to deal with the source of the fleas.  If you have pets they will need to be treated.  For my dogs I use a pill type flea medication called Comfortis, it’s REALLY expensive but recommended by my vet as the safest.

    I have all hard surface floors, no carpet, and my upholstered furniture is leather.  I keep the house pretty well vaccummed so there isn’t really places for fleas to infest.  The dogs may pick up fleas and bring them in, but they dont infest the house.j

    Many many years ago I had mice living under my bathroom floor and around the tub in the insulation.  Fleas from the mice would come up through crevices in the baseboards.  The animals never went into the bathroom because of this and fleas find me ... unpalatable and don’t often bite me.  But my boyfriend came over and was in the bathroom with white socks on and you could literally see the fleas jumping onto his socks and lower legs for a meal.  GROSS!!  So I used my diotomacious earth in all the corners, vaccumming and replacing it regularly, and got rid of the mice and the problem got solved.

  • 6 months ago

    Do you have pets in the house? Sound like they could be fleas :/

  • 6 months ago

    Sounds like fleas. I get an infestation of them every summer since I have 2 cats. I always bomb it twice, salt on your carpets/furniture (I let mine sit overnight and them vacuum in the morning) When you see them on you, grab them fast and you can either just rub them in-between your fingers (hard) to kill them, but my favorite way is to just throw them in a cup of water or something because they can't get back out! 

  • 6 months ago

    It's FLEAS.  Lots of ways you can get those, even without pets. I would recommend a spray called Siphotrol--available at a lot of vet's offices--and yes, it's expensive, but it WORKS.  Spray everything--furniture, floors, rugs, beds, clothing and shoes. Then vacuum DAILY.  Do this for at least a week or two--because it only takes 8 days for fleas to hatch--and any eggs that are not killed by the spray will hatch again. You have to treat flea infestations aggressively. Daily vacuuming, spray once a week, and then repeat until they're gone. 

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  • 6 months ago

    Most sprays kill the adult fleas, but not the pupae (cocoons) in the carpet, or cracks in the floor.  Those will hatch in a few days, and you have more fleas.  Black Flag Flea and Bedbug fogger leaves a residue that goes on killing fleas for like a year.  That would be a good approach (do every room) if you want to do it yourself.

    If you have pets, they may be bringing fleas in from outside.  In that case, you need to call an exterminator to spray the yard, too.

  • Anonymous
    6 months ago

    you need a professional to come in. they'll seal your house off and pressure fog.

    unless you have a stalker that is puposefully planting the fleas, which can happen due to corporate greed and their crazy desire to "test" their poisons, that will get rid of the infestation.

    othrrwise you'll need the city involved.

    you might have a mutation resistant to common pestitcides or you simply arent able to reach the breeding grounds.

  • 6 months ago

    Definitely fleas. While they are biting you, they can continue to live, and breed. You have to be SO very very thorough to get rid of them. I have never heard of Advent flea spray, but if it's from a supermarket or pet shop shelf, then it won't contain the insecticide needed to get rid of them. You also need to spray yourself with an insect repellent containing Deet. You have to break the life cycle of the flea. Use Acclaim flea spray, available from vets or online, wash everything, vacuum everywhere, use insect repellant every day, and eventually, you will break the cycle and win the war. 

  • Anonymous
    6 months ago

    It sounds a lot like you have fleas. Even if you do not have pets you can still bring fleas into your home. Fleas travel on the Hem of your pants or on your shoes and it only takes one or two before you have a serious problem. Fogging does work but only for a day or two, and it only tackles the ones that are around specifically when your doing the fogging. The eggs were usually hatch around 1 to 3 days later and then the problem starts all over again. You Can Begin Again by fogging the whole house with all the doors open and doing several cans if you are able to at once. Of course follow the directions on the cans. You need a good vacuum cleaner because you need to suck up all the eggs and the dead fleas as well as the live ones that manage to get away. Vacuum at least three times a day if you can or more, and empty out that vacuum bag right after each vacuum. Fleas hate the smell of lemon. So use lemon scented products like mop soap, furniture polish, dish soap, and lemon scented hand soaps. Wipe down and clean every surface with something lemon-scented. Always wear clothing that will cover your skin while you are going through this so when they start panicking and jumping around you lessen your chances on getting bit. You have to clean and do all of this every single day at least several times a day to get rid of your problem. The main thing though is outside. Keep your lawn trimmed very low and mow your lawn once or twice a week. Also buy some bug spray treatment for your lawn from the store or hire a professional to spray your lawn. Sometimes people will have other pets that you're just not aware of, mostly dogs because dogs have a tendency to run around outside, and others could be afraid to bring their dog out because the dogs are either not registered or not allowed to be inside certain residences. The problem is going to start all over again if you don't tackle the yard outside and inside of your own house. Limit the number of people that come in and out of your house, and also stay away from All Pets no matter what. You don't know what the humans or the animals have and I'm sure you do not want to deal with this problem again. Good luck. Ultimately it's going to come down to every single person treating their pets and their lawns before this problem goes away and the rate at which people are lazy right now it's probably not going to happen anytime soon because no one wants to put in that type of work or hire any professionals. I happen to know about all of this because I had family members move in with me when they were down on their luck over 10 years ago and they had a dog which was never taken to the vet or treated with any type of flea medicines or preventives. I couldn't tell you how frustrated it was because it was all new to me about the annoying biting an infestation of these things. I was so upset that my rules are no guests in my house oh, and no dogs inside of my house. Those rules also apply for inside of my yard. You can't be too careful with who is carrying either bed bugs, fleas, or roaches or bug eggs, because most people will not tell you what they are infested with at their own homes. And yes all of those bugs that I mentioned can travel along the seams of your shoes on the hems of your pants or on your coats, or inside any bags or boxes they bring over. Every place I have ever resided in has never seen any bugs after I carefully treat every nook and cranny in my home and all the time and effort spend doing that is worth it to me when I see no trace of bugs whatsoever.

  • Anonymous
    6 months ago

    That sounds like fleas if you can see them from the shape and the behavior.  I don't think you were wrong in your first guess.  To ID them try googling "flea trap."  You can buy or make your own.  You won't catch them all since you mention several pieces of furniture harboring them but you'll definitely get enough for a positive ID which will make you feel less crazy.

    Am I right that you live in an old house?  Did your neighbor get fogged when you did?  In subdivided buildings, especially old ones, treating just a part never solves the problem unless it was VERY localized because enough pests always escape to an untreated part.  They have a memory of where the good food is and unfortunately you're it so they keep coming back.  Also, because there are survivors they build up resistance to pesticides.  Really the whole building should have been evacuated and tented before the whole thing was treated.

    Fwiw, I suspect that when the termite exterminator treated room he dislodged the fleas' usual hosts.  It might have been the mice, but also any warm blooded animal the house might shelter including birds who might nest on/in the building, squirrels, etc.  If you have one mouse there are almost always more.  I suspect that the mouse/mice were not usually in the lived in parts of the house, especially if your yard has a good source of food.See also:https://www.fleabitesonhuman.com/fleas-attracted-n...

    They definitely do prefer some people over others but nobody is too sure why.  It's also possible that other family members are getting bitten to some extent but not getting a reaction so they don't even feel the bites and aren't even left marked.

    Your infestation sounds like it may be too heavy for this but I'll pass it on.  When I moved into college dorms my building had fleas which was my first brush with them.  I mentioned it to my grandpa, who being well travelled was filled of all kinds of information.  He asked me if my bedstead had legs which it did.  He advised me to pull the bed away from the wall as far as was practical and to put each bed foot in a wide dish (I got plant saucers from a garden center) and to keep them filled with water (fyi, this will discolor wood legs) and to be sure that the bedding didn't touch the floor.  This is after treating the mattress, obviously.  Anyway, it worked for me until the whole building could be fumigated, but I was really careful to not pit laundry on the bed and to only get unto my PJs just before getting into it.

    If you didn't see them and they didn't jump around visibly I'd guess mites, but my money is still on fleas.

  • 6 months ago

    Fleas             .

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