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Why some people get so mad about aliens & ufos?

I was watching Ancient Aliens at my brother in law house it was talking about how pyramid possibly be a alien base or a aliens house that the aliens made then my brother in law out of no where start yelling is not real ! then i change the channel. One time I was in the car with my brother we were just driving down the road we actually saw a ufo it was a triangle shape that had red diamond in the middle & it had lights around the ufo I told look is a ufo he still got all mad saying is not real ! even though we saw one with our own eyes like it just flew right above us pretty fast. I really dont get why some people get so mad about this I mean we cant be the only one in the universe you really think we the only one ? No im 100% sure the aliens already here they probably look just like us & the government just not telling us they probably know better to not tell because it seems like people really can get panic but why would you be panic is just other race I would be excited to know that their is other beings in other worlds out in space. 

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  • Anonymous
    1 week ago

    They were programmed by Aliens to get mad and angrily deny that Aliens exist. Nothing normally would get such a crazy reaction like that. The strongest proof of the existence of Aliens is the bizarre way some people deny it.

  • Megumi
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    1 month ago

    Some of us are angry that History Channel broadcasts such foolishness as "Ancient Aliens", "Oak Island", etc. "Ancient Aliens" is based mainly upon a few silly books by Eric van Daniken who was in prison thrice for swindling, etc. At age 15, he stole money from  a boys' group to which he belonged. His first book in the series was "Chariots Of The Gods" that appeared in Europe in 1968 and in the USA in 1969 soon after the first spaceship landed upon the Moon. That timing helped to make it a best seller. Scientists and skeptics immediately attacked it for its weak to non-existent evidence. Clifford Wilson refuted it in great detail in his book "Crash Go The Chariots". Eric van Daniken's last book was "Gold Of The Gods" that claimed there was a cave full of "Ancient Alien Artifacts" in Ecuador. Noted skeptic James Randi went to Ecuador to investigate. He found that a priest called Father Crespi paid the locals well for evidence of his wild ideas. These supposed ancient alien artifacts were just crude forgeries by the locals. There were crude scratchings showing aliens on modern tin cans, pieces of toilet tanks and brass plates readily available at any hardware store. Also, the local man whom Eric van Daniken claimed guided him to the caves testified that he never took that fraud to the caves. Of course, there were no such caves. James Randi completely destroyed Eric van Daniken's credibility, so he wrote no more books. If he had written more, James Randi would have demolished them, as he did the last one. 

  • 1 month ago

    "Ancient Aliens" based upon a soundly-refuted hoax. Many scientists and skeptics refute it in 1970s, notably Clifford Wilson, Isaac Asimov and James Randi. Such scientists as Edward M. Purcell and Sebastian von Hoerner prove that interstellar travel is merely childish fiction. If ET aliens exist, they cannot ever come here. Is no strong evidence ET aliens ever at Earth. "Ancient Aliens" have no accuracy at all! We not know everything, we know much more than JimZ want to believe however. He believe such nonsense as ET alien visitors and Bigfoot. That is comical!   EDIT- I see JimZ mention me. He lie of course. He remind me of English Guy and Tom at Paranormal category. They all want believe wild unsubstantiated tales. 

  • Anonymous
    1 month ago

    People behave that way because they can't accept something that shocking. Rather than accept what they see or hear, they blocked it (because thinking about it will give them a headache and challenge what they were taught to know) or they set about to disprove the situation entirely. I once pointed out strong evidence and files about aliens and the person I was talking to said they preferred ignorance and to live unaware of anything supernatural. There are many who share this way of thinking. This is herd mentality. 

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  • Dubbs
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    2 months ago

    It's called cognitive dissonance. Some people just have a casual view of the world and if they come across a notion that challenges that view they develop a mental block and must defend that view. Many archeologists are confronted by such perils.

    First they must ridicule it, followed by violent opposition before they can accept it as self-evident.

    Your brother,  it sounds, has his own simple and comforting view of the world. Aliens would just ruin that. He might be afraid to consider a more indirect approach to human development.

    No pyramids are not alien homes or bases, but they were set up as power plants but they're also time capsuls, so to speak, as well as storage centers for lost knowledge. Though, by this time, it has probably been removed.

    This is not so for all pyramids, but the ones in Giza, Teotihuacan and Xi'an are key markers.

    Ancient Aliens isn't completely right, as it is just a TV show and they present the knowledge in a certain way to make it fit their view. They also care about ratings and such. So you can't expect total accuracy from that show.

  • JimZ
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    2 months ago

    I saw two UFOs one night over Yakima Firing Center when I was in the Army.  I saw them with a fellow soldier.  The craft that saw had two flashing lights and moved with speed and acceleration far beyond what is possible with our technology and knowledge so I'm pretty convinced they are real.  Some people seem to fear that there are things out there we don't understand.  They seem to have a need to believe we know everything.  We don't.    I come back and find Miyuki has provided a good example. 

  • 2 months ago

    Getting around the panic of realizing they are here already is all there is to it. Get over it.  Once that is done it seems as if nothing has changed.  Just now I know that some of those around me are aliens.  I can live with that.  I wonder which ones?  Are they close to me or are they far off and hid in a way I will never know one?

  • 2 months ago

    Aliens use humans as food. Well, you know how we treat our animals as food?...

  • 2 months ago

    Because you brother-in-law is scared of things he can not understand.

  • 2 months ago

    FEAR. Is the reason that the government has maintained area 51 as a protected area since the late 1940's.  You believe what you thing you have seen others do not.  It is a matter of opinion.  The Governments of the worlds are not going to suddenly give up that information.

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