How to define these terms?

1. Gender

2. Sex

3. Transgender

4. Intersex

5. Gender roles

6. Sexual orientation

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    This is 6 questions, not one. And they are each complex concepts. 

    1. "Gender". Depends on what you mean by gender as it can have several meanings. Some of these are:

    Gender identity

    Gender roles

    Gender expression

    Gender stereotypes

    I'll discuss the first three.

    Gender identity is how we all internally perceive ourselves in a gendered way. Gender identity is an inborn trait, programmed into the brain during fetal development. In addition, gender identity exists on a spectrum and is not just male or female.

    Gender roles are societal expectations for a person based on their apparent gender.

    Gender expression is how you walk, talk, dress and mannerisms.

    2. Sex. Again this word has multiple meanings.

    Sex as in intercourse.

    Sex as in chromosomes.

    Sex as in the shape and function of the body.

    3, Transgender/transsexual. Usually a person's gender identity matches the outward sex of their body, but not always. When it doesn't you have a transsexual person. This leads to a life of pain and misery because their body feels proudly wrong and nobody sees them as the gender they truly are. When a transsexual person transitions they are affirming the inborn gender identity by changing their body and assuming a gender appropriate role in society.

    4. Intersex is a term that refers to a couple dozen medical conditions that affect sexual development.

    5. Gender roles I covered in #1.

    6. Sexual orientation is defined by who you are sexually attracted to.

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    1. Gender: Noun synonym for sex it is how one identifies

    2. Sex: verb when 2+ people are intimate in bed

        Noun: synonym for gender, but is specifically for the gonads (boys have a penis and testicles girls have a vagina and ovaries) 

    3. Transgender: a person with gender dysphoria who believes they were born the wrong sex or as they typically put it someone with a sex/gender mismatch. they only make up about 0.003% of the human population

    4. Intersex: a great minority who happens to have both male and female gender in some way. these people only make up about 1% of the human population

    5. Gender roles/gender expression: how one acts or is expected to ask (males are typically masculine females are usually feminine)

    6. Sexual orientation: who you go to bed with (gay/lesbian, straight, bisexual, asexual)

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    Gender: Your inborn internal sense of being male, female, or non-binary.

    Sex: Your inborn external embodiment of being male, female, or intersex.

    Transgender: One whose gender and sex do not match.

    Intersex: Someone born with ambiguous genitalia, most being categorized as one or the other at birth.

    Gender roles: Expectations of a person on the basis of their apparent gender.

    Sexual orientation: Your sense of sexual attraction to men, women, non-binary people, all, some or, if you're like me, none.

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    6 months ago

    1: Identity.

    2: Intercourse.

    3: Person

    4: Individual.

    5: Bread Rolls.

    6: Gay.

    I love word association games. 

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    1. Gender. Whether you’re male or female

    2. Sex. Whether you’re male or female or the verb to have sex

    3. Transgender. Someone actively transitioning or living as the opposite sex (not to be confused with cross dressing)

    4.intersex. A rare genetic accident where someone has physical characteristics of both sexes

    5. Gender roles. Traditional behaviour associated with males and females 

    6. Sexual orientation. Which sex someone wants to copulate with.

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    1. How someone perceives themself

    2. Physical characteristics

    3. Someone whos gender does not match up with their sex

    4. People born with reproductive organs that do not quite fit male or female

    5. Things that are expected of people based off their gender

    6. Based on a persons gender and what gender/s (or lack thereof) they are attracted to

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    6 months ago

    Gender is a spectrum, everybody has different levels of masculinity and femininity. If you are on the feminine side of the spectrum then your gender is female irrespective of your biological sex.

    Sex, biological sex is what physical sex organs you were born with.

    Transgender are people who's gender does not match their biological sex, and instead of living according to their biological sex they live by their gender.

    Intersex, these people are often born with more than the typical XX/XY configuration, their gender and biological sex can often be hard to determine.

    Gender roles are societal, every society, every culture, every age has had different ideas of how males and females should interact and what their duties are.

    Sexual orientation is which gender/sex do you find attractive or in some cases do you fall in love with the person and NOT their biological sex or gender.

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