I have a question for landlords regarding Covid-19 tenants.?

My parents just learned that the family who is renting their condo had Covid. The family claims that they have been tested and results came back negative so they got over it. The air condition in their place isn't working and they want my parents to fix it or get it fixed. What's the right thing to do?

Is the place safe to enter so that a repairman can work on the unit? Is it contaminated?

My parents will tell the repairman that the family was in lock down because they tested positive for the virus. Will my parents get in trouble if the repairman refuses to fix the unit because of fear of catching the virus? Is it a violation of the tenants privacy to tell the worker they had the virus?

My parents want to do right but they are afraid they will get in legal trouble from one side or the other over this

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  • 2 months ago

    If the family is released from quarantine you are absolutely required to protect their privacy.   Plus you must repair the AC...PERIOD!  The repairman should use the reasonable precautions that we all use when we enter someone's home: mask, gloves, wash hands etc.  I am a retired attorney and a COVID19 tracer.  Take my word for it!!!    

  • Anonymous
    2 months ago

    Your parents are obligated to repair the AC, as it is part of the Unit.

    If they tested negative, that means they have recovered and are no longer carrying or shedding the virus..

    They recovered from it the same as any other cold or flu.  People dont get covid and keep it... The virus runs its course, the immune system fights it off and they recover..  Im not sure why thats a hard concept.

    No, they CAN'T tell the repairman that they had it.   Revealing someones health issues is a violation of HIPPA laws.   A repairman that enters people's homes should already be taking precautions because ANYONE who otherwise appears healthy could easily be carrying to virus...  It incubates up to 2 weeks before symptoms show, and many people never show symptoms, or only have mild symptoms.

    Hes safer anyways to go to a home of a family that already had it, recovered and tested negative: than to enter the home of an untested person.

    Not sure why one idiot thinks a vaccine is a cure.   Vaccines PREVENT the disease..  They dont cure it.  A vaccine is a weakened or dead version of the virus injected into you to teach your immune system how to fight that virus...  A vaccine essentially infects you with it, and you could even test positive after a vaccine!   The only "cure" for a virus is supportive care for the symptoms while it runs its course.

  • 2 months ago

    Only ONE state requires air conditioning. 

    As for "safe for the repairman", that is determined by your state.  If the (ahole) politicians have opened up the state for such service companies, then it isn't for your parents to ensure the "safety" of the serviceman.  They are required to repair problems "in a timely manner".

    If a repair company is willing to enter, get it repaired.

  • 2 months ago

    As landlords, they are obligated to do repairs, no matter what the tenant's condition might be. Workmen will have to prepare themselves and protect themselves. Yes, they need to know, as well, that the family has had COVID. Hopefully they can find someone willing to enter the condo and do the work, if it has to be done on site. 

    Face masks, rubber gloves, and extensive hand-washing will most likely protect anyone who enters--the entire place is not going to be contaminated. Surfaces can be disinfected. People can be kept away from the workmen while they work. It's not that hard. 

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  • Judy
    Lv 7
    2 months ago

    safe,  Places, and peopl, don't stay contaminated forvr.

  • Anonymous
    2 months ago

    How did they get over it?

    Without taking a vaccine, for the covid-19 then I don't think it's possible, for someone to test positive, and then to test negative. I don't know if what I said is even possible to do. I am not able to image someone testing positive, and then negative without doing anything to make that happen.

    I got tested twice, for the covid-19. My results were negative twice, so I can't test positive unless if I were to get infected, and this is a fact. If I did get infected with the covid-19 then I would be looking, for a cure, so maybe I could test negative again.

    The condo might be contaminated.

    I think a repairman can enter, but the person's body should be PROPERLY protected. If the repairman does not protect, or properly protect his body then he could get infected.

    I don't know if your parent's signed a lease with their tenants. Maybe your parents could end up getting legal problems if they signed a lease with their tenants, and they don't fix the problem, or send someone to fix it.

  • 2 months ago

    Even if the place was contaminated, if it's at least three days since they tested negative, then it's not contaminated now, and it's safer than a home of someone who seems healthy and hasn't been tested.  The virus can only survive about three days when it's not in a person or animal.  And anyone can have the virus, even if they have never seemed sick.

    If the repairman refuses, then find another repairman.

  • Anonymous
    2 months ago

    Your parents are required to maintain the unit in accordance with state/local law and the lease.  

    Repair personnel should assume that every home they enter is infected and act accordingly.

    You know how this virus is spreading?   By people assuming that the people around them are not infected and not contagious.   D'oh....

    ETA:   Sorry, but the people claiming that your parents would be in violation of HIPPA clearly do not understand the law.  That law applies to health care  and medical insurance workers.   A landlord or repair person are not at all bound by HIPPA.    Normally A Hunch is on the ball, but sometimes she is in left field.  This is one of them.


  • 2 months ago

    All competent HVAC professionals know enough by now to take the proper precautions. The virus lives only a very short time on surfaces that the service people would be touching with gloves. It does not live in the ductwork. The only way to catch it is by direct contact with the infected and the service people will not come in unless the people in the home are wearing masks, and they usually stay apart while work is being done. I have had cable come out and an appliance delivered and everyone was masked and professional and we distanced ourselves.

    There shouldn't be an issue here.

  • 2 months ago

    As a landlord, I think they need to fix the AC. Period. This is going to help avoid legal issues between your parents and the tenants, especially since the tenants have complied with testing protocol.

    The compromise here is pretty simple. The tenants can agree to remove themselves from the home during the repair process to avoid in-person contamination, or they can at least comply with wearing appropriate facial coverings and maintaining social distance during the repair. The person doing the repair should be informed of the situation (in writing) and take measures to protect themselves (gloves, mask, etc.). Your parents can discuss informing the repair technician with the tenants and obtain their written permission to inform the repair technician/repair company. Just like with the lease itself, your parents need to get these things in writing.  

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