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Why is her aunt like this?

The girl I am seeing looks like those girls raised by hamish families. Anyway, as I asked her one day why was she so sad (she was usually happy to see me), she started crying and told me her aunt had told her that she loved me just because she needed a guy to be in bed with (her aunt's expression to say that her niece wanted me just physically to have sex). She also kidded her for wanting a husband so soon (she is just 19 by the way). She was so shocked and heartbroken that her aunt thought of her like that that she cried and when I held her she pushed me away and said no, cause it's not true that she is just using me (for sex). We haven't kissed yet by the way. I almost melt at how sweet and innocent she is. She was crying just cause her aunt accused her of wanting to have sex with me

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  • Anonymous
    5 months ago

    Why does she even listen to a Aunt. The aunt needs to butt out of your gf life.

  • Anonymous
    6 months ago

    ugh shut up and ask an actual question....

  • A X
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    6 months ago

    Perhaps her aunt needs to get to know you better to realize you and your GF aren't like she thinks you both are. It could start with your GF inviting you to dinner. Dress nicely and be on your best behavior. Be prepared to discuss your current situation, education, goals, and probably your intentions with her niece. Nothing you say should come as any surprise to your GF.

    You probably need to kiss her, assuming she's willing.

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