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Two questions-1.)When did stewardesses stop being nurses and 2.) when and why did they start being called flight attendants?

My mom had a friend in nursing school who was studying to be a stewards and mom's friend's sister was a nurse and stewardess but was killed in a crash landing. I understand that air travel in the late 50s and early 60s was not as safe as today.

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    In the USA, Northwest Airlines was among the first to drop the RN requirement for cabin attendants. That was in late 1942. Because of the war, there became an acute shortage of nurses so the requirement was dropped during the war by almost all commercial air carriers. After the war, it was a desired qualification for applicants to have, but it wasn't required. The term "stewardess" was not dropped and replaced by "flight attendant" until the early 1980's. In the UK and other countries, the term "cabin attendant" came into use gradually in the 1950's and 60's and was fairly standard by the 70's. .

    p.s. Also, nurses were preferred not because they had medical training, but they had instutionalized training in public service. 

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