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How to reboot emotionally/creatively? ?

I got through a breakup recently, both in a romantic relationship and a professional relationship. We were making a piece of art together. This art had several components; the art itself and a much grander story. Me and my partner spent 8 years building a world and creating art to help shape it. After all this time she has decided to all of a sudden stop talking to me completely with little to no warning. (Pretty sure its bc im asexual but thats a different thing-) I'm over the her, that's not my question. I have 2 questions. How do I move on creatively, because this story made up my entire creative process for like 8 years (f in the chat) like can I even use any of it ffs. And also how do I get over going from a 24/7 contact with a person for so long to nothing within days . I'm big sad honestly. Also btw let's just assume I have 0 friends and my family is just on another planet 

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    See yourself as a soul placed into this world to serve humanity.

    A random act of kindness is very good way to let go.

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    Well, first of all, this question needs to be posted in the Psychology department of Yahoo Answers, not in Arts & Humanities.  That may be something you need to do, open up your mind, and your world!  You are more than an artist, as your problem has less to do with your art and more with your feelings, so that is shy I suggest you enter your question into the Psychology department.  Also think about going into therapy with someone you can relate to.  Maybe someone in the art community has an office in your area. Interview five therapists and pick the one who you can relate to.  Talk things through. Get a good grip on reality and what has been happening for the past 8 years. That is a long, long time, to just let it go pooofff, and up in smoke.  You can't redeem the relationship, but you can get a good grasp of the reality of the situation, and become able to carry on with your Life. 

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