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How to keep myself safe in a drug area?

I have to move to a high crime area because those are the only apartments I can afford.

I know I can use the ESA loophole to get a dog.   Am I allowed a firearm, or will I need a ccw permit to keep one?  Second Amendment should protect my rights amd supersede any rules landlords that landlords make up right?


It actually wouldnt be a "fake" ESA.   I have legit health issues that would benefit from having a dog.

And I know how to use a gun..  I just want to be sure that any "rules" against firearms are actually bullshit, 2nd amendment gives me the right to have one.

Update 2:

An apartment is all I can afford and I can only afford the one in the drug area..  The housing market in my area as trashed because of boomers.

Update 3:

It shouldnt matter what area I live in, since the right to bear arms is FEDERAL, and thus supercedes any local laws

Update 4:

Landlords shouldn't be allowed to ban dogs anyways.  If someone is paying for that private living space, then they have a right to enjoy it how they want..  Including owning a pet.   Not like landlords actually pay for their property.  The tenents pay for it, PLUS give the landlord an income.  

Update 5:

No, you dont "need" 10k in savings to have a dog.   If you "needed" it, then the shelter would be checking for it.

I dont know ANYONE willing to pay $10k on emergency services either.   If a dog is so mangled that it will cost thousands to save it, then it needs EUTHANIZED.   All you "need" in savings for emergency care is a few hundred.

Update 6:

Dogs need yearly shots, food and heartworm preventative. Yearly shots are cheap.. They do vaccine clinics at the farm store. And I can buy a $30 bottle of ivermectin to use for hw preventative and it will be enough to dose for several years

Update 7:

If you dont know what an ESA or a CCW is, then you clearly arent American and shouldnt ne answering

Update 8:

It HAS to be a 3 bedroom..  So Im moving to where the 3 bedroom apartments are affordable.

Just because you didnt have your own bedroom as a child doesnt mean everyone else is obligated to cram in a small apartment.   That is an unacceptable standard of living

Update 9:

A mutt from the pound isnt worth putting thousands into.   If theres some serious illness or injury, he can be euthanized and I can get another.   A dog costs less than $50 a month to upkeep.. This isnt a purebred..  Just an alert dog to deter crackheads from breaking in.   Isnt gonna make a difference when theres a $500+ difference in rent between drugville and a better area.

Update 10:

I wouldn't even spend $1000 on MYSELF if I came down with a serious illness..  Why should it be standard to spend thousands on a dog?   If a dog is gettinf basic care, it is NOT "abuse"

Update 11:

"Proper vet care" is shots, dewormer, treatment for MINOR issues, and euthanasia for serious issues...   The animal isnt going to be left to suffer, so thus, NOT animal cruelty.

The dog is serving a purpose of being an alert to deter break ins.

If I wouldnt pay even a grand on myself for life saving medical care, why would I do it for dog?

Gtfoh with your "$10k in savings" garbage.   I know of NO ONE who has that much saved for vet care.

Update 12:

Shelters dont even spend 10k on an individual animal.  They will euthanize.  

Update 13:

Your OPINION is irrelevent.   Im able to provide shelter, food and basic vet care..  So a shelter WILL adopt to me..  Some insane amount in a bank account clearly is NOT a requirement..  Otherwise no one would have a dog.

Update 14:

The shelter will be GLAD that Im willing to do heart worm preventative..   They regularly get HW+ dogs in!

Update 15:

Open carry is legal in my state.  I just want to be sure I can have a fire arm if a landlord tries to MAKE UP some bullshit rule about not allowing them.

Im allowed to buy a rifle or handgun, legally

Update 16:

I have fibromyalgia..  A legit HEALTH ISSUE that would qualify me for an ESA.   ESAs can do other functions besides emotional support to qualify under fair housing laws.   Providing heat and deep pressure therepy to help my fibro is one task the dog can do.

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    A gun, Bow and Arrow, Sledgehammer and cameras and a sign says break in on me I'll kick your *** so far you'll wish you were in the red sea  

  • 2 months ago

    The Second Amendment, like all the other amendments, protect you only from the government and its rules or laws.  They do not supersede any rules of landlords or anyone else except the government.

  • Anonymous
    2 months ago

    Landlords are allowed to ban you because of your "attitude".  LL have to pay to replace carpets and furniture because your dog went stir crazy and schit and chewed on everything.  You were RENTING THE USE OF, not the right to destroy it too. LL can ban you because of firearms and your white sheet outfit.  You can sleep on the street in a cardboard box.

    LL are not the owners of the buildings or the furniture in the buildings. Someone with more money hired the LL to collect the rent and maintain the laws put out by the owner.

     State laws are state laws. The Feds. do not get involved. So stuff you gun up your butt hole. In many states the right to bare arms only apply to females.

    . Don't blame the boomers. Without them you would not exist.

    . I am not gonna google your  ESA (European Space Agency) or ccw or anything else. I don't live in your neck of the woods.   Maybe you ought to look for a hillbilly shack.?

  • car253
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    2 months ago

    in Los Angeles you cannot get a CCW unless your rich or famous.   i don't think landlord's should ban dogs so i don't care if your papers are fake or not.   people think illegal people are fine but illegal dogs are not.   that's not right.     Anyways, post your state for more help or go to your local police station. 

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  • Anonymous
    2 months ago


    You are a moron. You should not have ANY dogs!!! You don't know anything about dogs. I hope nobody gives you a dog.

    It's your choice how you want to live your life. If you want to live somewhere where guns are allowed, and people are allowed to kill each other then all I have to say is good luck surviving.

    Why do you want to live in an apartment?

    I am considering to live in an apartment, but I know there are other options besides living in an apartment.

    What I am going to be doing is I am going to be contacting home owners, so maybe I will be buying my own home.

    I think that's pretty stupid that you want to live in an area that has crime. So you want to live in an area where people have guns, and shoot each other right?

    So what makes you think if you were to get a dog then you would be able to survive in an area where people shoot each other?

    A dog will slow you down, and distract you. While you pay attention to your dog then maybe someone will shoot you before you have a chance to use a gun.

  • R P
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    2 months ago

    Please do not get a fake ESA to get around a landlord's "No Pets" policy. That is immoral and dimishes people who have a true need for an ESA. If you do that anyway, keep in mind that you are still liable for all the damage the animal does.

    As for obtaining a handgun, do so wisely. Get training on the weapon you choose - learn how to shoot it.  Learn about gun safety. Know how to keep stored properly & away from your children. And be sure (without fail) to teach your children that the gun is not a toy & that they should not touch it.

    Source(s): FL landlord
  • 2 months ago

    A firearm will not keep you safe, in fact statistically it will put your life more at risk.

  • Anonymous
    2 months ago

    I live near but not in a bad area. I don't have a gun. My rule of thumb is to try to avoid being out after dark. Now that walmart closes at 8:30, its easier. I used to go to walmart a lot late at night but as I get older, I realize its less risky to go during daylight.

  • 2 months ago

    Visit the local police department nearest your new apartments so you know where they are and ask to speak with an officer.  Let them know the apartments you are going to be moving into and see if you can go ahead and file your basic information so they will have you in the system.  That will help when you have to start filing police reports later.  Ask them how you can keep yourself safe in this new neighborhood.  Be sure that ask them about how you can legally buy and carry a firearm and if your right to protect yourself will allow you to ignore any rules in your lease that prohibits you for having a firearm.

    It is good that you already know how to force your landlord to let you have a dog even though your lease prohibits them.

    Keep up the good work.

  • Rick B
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    2 months ago

    No idea where you live or what the rules are there.  I believe any adult can own a firearm.

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