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Does this make it better to watch?

My neice Lynne is very talented and belongs to a theater group in San Francisco. Lynne is 8 years old but can play a younger part as she is doing here. Lynne has a big part in a new play that is coming up as a child who stands up for civil rights. What troubles me is her attire during what is a key part of the play.

Lynne receives a spanking over the Mother actresses lap in  very short dress.

The spanking is vital in the telling of the characters story.  It is not the director who is pushing for it to be done with Lynne wearing one of her regular underpants.  It is Lynne who is alirght wearing a white satin brief.   The director does feel it will be "exciting" for the audience to witness the spanking this way.   Is it improper that my niece wears an actual panty or does it real add to realism? How would you feel if you were in the audience for this play?

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    You mean the director IS pushing for her underpants to be seen. A white satin brief is "underpants". 

    ( I wore cotton when I was 8 years old in the 1960s. It allowed air,  thus was considered hygienic. "Worldly" moms of means bought satin, nylon and rayon for their daughters' bottoms because it felt sensual.)

    I think the director wants to produce an erotic buzz.  The pedophiles in the audience will feel bliss.  The parents of daughters will feel offended.  So would I.

    When I was a growing girl in the early to mid 1960s, I wore jeans or trousers except when attending school or church.  So did other girls. If I was wearing a skirt when spanked, it remained covering my bottom or other people were sent from the room during the ordeal.

    I would have considered the girl's facial grimaces and body contortions better for the play's action than a sight of hand hitting panties.

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    You're a known troll who gets off on children being spanked. Reported yet again.

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